Halloween Costumes: They Could be Transforming for a New Immigrant

I was a clown one Halloween long passed. I was just out of college and not finding a job in my field of study I was working at an airport lobby for a car rental company. My coworkers and I decided to wear costumes on Halloween. I was very reluctant at first, but my coworkers very enthusiastically persuaded me. You see I was very shy and quiet. My customers and coworkers always teased me about it and tried to get me to talk more.

 After much cajoling and persuasion I decided I will participate in this silliness. I decided to become a clown. I am not sure why except I thought it requires the least amount of work and I don’t have to spend any money buying costumes if I don’t want to.

So that Halloween I put on my blue jean overalls with brightly colored striped t-shirt underneath. I rolled up one of the legs of the overall up to my knees and left the other one down. I borrowed the funniest, most colorful, oversized and goofy looking shoes I can find from one of my sisters.

And now I am ready to do my makeup and hair do. The hair was easy I used different color rubber bands to put several pony tails pointing in different directions. I had various Halloween characters such as witches, ghosts and black cats dangling from my pony tails. I had a glowing jack-o-lantern hanging on my ears.

By this time I found myself having too much fun and I haven’t even done my clown’s make up yet. Coworkers have kindly donated various very colorful make up for this cause.

I started by applying white foundation to my whole face. Then I went on and made a much curved eye brow to give myself the surprised look of the clown. I applied lots of blue eye shadow on my eye leads. Lots of red lipstick went on the tip of my nose and chicks in perfect circles. I made a funny looking shape of my mouth with gobs and gobs of the same red lipstick.

I looked in the mirror and started laughing. This was not me at all. I found myself transforming into the costume. I felt like a child who was using her mother's make up and making a mess of her face.

When I got to work everybody was in their own costumes and I was greeted with a lot of fun fair. There were ghosts, fairies, angels, devils, monsters, and of course the witch with her broom. Our counter was decorated with cobwebs, spiders, ghosts, bats and jack-o-lanterns. Everybody was surprised at my creative and humorous outfit. I boasted of the hard work that went into it.

The whole day I felt like a completely different person. It is as if a burden has been lifted. With what I had on, I couldn’t take anything seriously. I was full of banter and jokes and completely the opposite of my usual self. And everybody around me coworkers as well as customers seem to feel the same way.

There was a lot of laughter and light. The day flowed very nicely. I felt transformed. I felt I walked right into the costume and became a clown for the day. Many of my colleagues commented on how different I was that day and expressed their surprise at this side of my personality they didn’t know about. The thing is I didn’t know about it myself either until that Halloween long ago. That was my first Halloween in the United State and I have been donning outfits ever since and making the rounds of parties around town.


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