Halloween Cupcake Decorations, Molds and More

The innocent-looking cupcake can be made Halloween ready very easily. So if you would like to have cupcakes at your party or even take them to work or surprise your friends then you are in for a real treat (so to speak). There are molds, decorations, wrappers and even stands and carry boxes to mark the day and elevate your cupcake from normal to extra-scary!

The really good news is that all of the tools you need are easily available to purchase online. This means you can spend more time with the things that really matter to you, like getting your party ready to go, while you have the things you need delivered to the door. All the items featured in this article are available from Amazon online. They were picked because of their range, ease of use, and price.

You will find just what you need to make your cupcakes extra special. Just to get you started you need to ask this question: When is a cupcake not a cupcake?

Halloween Cupcake Molds at Amazon

Halloween Cupcake Molds

The answer to that question is when it is a spider or a skull!

If you want something that tastes like a cupcake, but is shaped somewhat differently, then buying a mold is the way to go. There are heaps available on the market in all shapes and sizes. You can see some at the side and below here to get you inspired. There are ghosts, and skulls, and spiders, not to mention the occasional pumpkin just for variety.

The silicone molds available today are terrific for making these cakes. They don't require any greasing, and the cupcakes fall easily out of them after cooking. Once you use them there will be no going back! Just remember to put a cookie sheet underneath the mold when putting it into the oven. The silicone is extremely flexible and you don't want your cupcakes coming out too soon.

There are also lots of classic molds available if you don't like the idea of silicone. They come in lots of shapes and sizes. Just remember to grease your pan properly before use, so that the cupcakes come out easily.

As the cake itself will be the same volume as a normal cupcake you won't need any extra time for cooking. Just have some fun and let your imagination run wild!

Halloween Cupcake Decorations

If you don't want to buy new cupcake pans because you already have enough don't worry! You have some fantastic decorating options.

There are lots of toppings you can use on your cupcakes to get into the mood, and they are really scary! Your friends will think twice when they go to pick up their cupcake and it has a spider perched on top, or a monster or part of a skeleton. The array of decorations is stunning, so you will easily be able to find something that will fit your theme perfectly. All you will need to do is get the right colored frosting to go with the decoration.

You will find that the majority of these decorations are edible as well, made out of sugar, so you won't have to worry about your children eating them. With these decorations you are limited only by your imagination because, given their prices, you won't have to worry about breaking your budget at all.

Halloween Cupcake Wrappers

If you are after the finishing touch for your Halloween cupcakes then getting a themed wrapper is the way to do it. When people see your cupcake with the decoration and the wrappers they will be more than a little awed, not knowing how easy it was to create the whole look.

There are some fabulous laser cut wrappers available. There haunted house fences, spider webs which look almost real; you can get ghosts and pumpkins. They look so good you almost won't want to eat your cupcakes.

The best way to use these wrappers is to bake your cupcake in its usual mold and then once you frost and then decorate the cake, simply pop the cupcake into the decorative wrapper as the finishing touch.

What you see here are just an example of what is available for you to use and they are a really cheap way to finish decorating your cupcake.

Halloween Cupcake Stands at Amazon

Halloween Cupcake Stands

If you're having a party then having a stand to display our cupcakes is a great idea. There are some great stands available with a Halloween theme. Wilton's stands, especially, are great quality and will be with you for years to come. But you are certainly not limited to just the one brand, or just the one theme. You can get skull stands, pumpkin stands, manor stands and much, much more. Just have a look to the side and underneath to get some excellent ideas.

Some of the best ones are made of cardboard, and this is great because it means you can recycle it at the end of Halloween and not have to store it for the next year.

The Halloween cake stands you can buy online today are great value for money, and well worth looking at more closely.

Halloween Cupcake Carry Boxes at Amazon

Halloween Cupcake Carry Boxes

Cupcakes make a great gift, because they are easy to make and easy to decorate. If you plan to make and decorate your Halloween cupcakes and take them somewhere then you'll need a box or two for transportation.

There are lots of boxes on the market today. You can get singles, or boxes for four cupcakes, for six, or even more. There are even really fun ones available which have pop up characters, which are great to take for children's Halloween parties.

As you can see, they aren't pricey at all, and with the designs available, you can get them to match any theme you've picked for the cupcakes themselves.

Have some fun with all of this, because you deserve it. You'll be the hit of Halloween, and nobody needs to know how easy it was for you to do.


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