Halloween Decorations

Haunted House
Haunted House

Decorating my house is half the fun on Halloween. I love to recycle as well add the two together and you have the makings of a sure fire way to have one heck of a fun filled Halloween. It is so great on the wallet to stretch those decorating dollars too. If you are like me your budget doesn't really include decorating at all. There are a lot of things around the house you can use for really cool decorations for next to no extra money. Here are a few of my all time favorites.

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I'm not scared
I'm not scared

First and foremost my all time favorite money saving tip for a quick easy way to decorate is to use plastic bags. They are cheap and readily available. I like to use the black for witch curtains and white for the the little ghost. Below are directions:

W itch curtains:

1.) Black Trash Bags

2.) Scissors

3.) Staple Gun

F irst use your scissors to cut your trash bag down both sides. Now cut your trash bag into long strips. Cut the ends in a jagged shape.

N ext staple your strips to a doorway, entrance way or in the widow for a spooky witch house effect.

L ast once you get your witch curtains hung, look at them and decide where you want to make them different lengths to make them look more worn and old. For an added effect you can add some spider webbing to the edges as well. Enjoy your spooky house for Halloween. Wooo Hahahaha!

Tree Ghost
Tree Ghost
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

Make Tumbstone Decorations

To make the Ghost:

1. White trash bag any size

2. Marker Black

3. White Balloon

4. Clear Tape

5. Piece of string

Blow up the balloon, unfold the trash bag and cut fringes on the bottom.

Using the trash bag put the balloon inside all the way to the end in one corner.

Using your tape go around the neck of the ghost while twisting it to secure it.

Use the marker to make a face. You can print a pattern if you do not want to free hand a face. Cut out your face pattern hold onto your balloon and fill in the eyes and mouth with your marker, it's simple.

Use your string in the very top of your ghost's head secure it with a piece of tape. Make your string long enough to hang down in your tree. Make three or four and hang them at different lengths for a cool effect.

Next you can make another ghost out of an old sheet.

Here is what you need:

1 old sheet

4 any color glow in the dark bracelets you want purple look greats . OR 1 medium size glow stick on a cord.

1 black light bulb

fishing line

1 white balloon

black marker

Needle & thread

Staple gun

Using your sheet, blow up your balloon place in the center of the sheet and cut a small hole through the sheet right in the center to pull the balloon (end that you tie) through the hole.

Next tie a piece of the fishing line to the end of the balloon you pulled through. Now find a place to hang your ghost so you can add the bracelets in place for eyes and the mouth.

Use two bracelets for the month one for each eye. Use your needle & thread to secure the bracelet to the sheet in a few places so it will stay in put for the eyes & mouth. ( Or you can use your glow stick on a cord break it to glow drop down in balloon keeping cord at the end you tie tie it together with the balloon end )

Using your black marker mark the inside of the eyes with a pupil you can make it look to the left or right to look really cool. Or just draw eyes and a mouth if you dropped your grow stick inside your balloon.

Using fishing line to hang your ghost. If you are using a black light you will want to use a darker line, a lot of the clear lines will show up under the black light.

Staple two ends to a porch banister or a tree to spread out the ghost to make it look bigger and more ghostly.

Last put your black light bulb in your light near the ghost for a spooky effect.

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Gemsong profile image

Gemsong 7 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

Excellent hub, though I refuse to do anything for Halloween until October first. I may actually break down and plan.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 7 years ago from USA Author

Thanks Gemsong, yea I usually wait too lol A neighbor down the street is full blown ready! Making me anxious lol :)

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