Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Face painting is a necessity when decking out your child in a fantastic costume to plague your neighborhood streets trick or treating. It will really make your child feel extra special when their face depicts a ferocious tiger or a pretty princess. There is not that much difference from popular normal face painting so don't worry about having to learn a dozen new designs. Have a go, be creative and turn your little terror into a trick or treating fiend! So what are the top twenty Halloween designs for both boys and girls?

  1. Cowboy
  2. Princess
  3. Pirate
  4. Witch
  5. Mermaid
  6. Wizard
  7. Fairy
  8. Power Ranger
  9. Ghost
  10. Spider-man
  11. Clown
  12. Batman
  13. Ninja Turtle
  14. Puppy

  15. Vampire
  16. Indian
  17. Mummy
  18. Pumpkin
  19. Monster
  20. Skull

Some of those may sound scary but fear not! I've included a couple of designs that will get you started and should be pretty familiar. I've used some blank faces which you can find here to practice my designs on and I then stick the pictures in a folder for kids to look through and chose.

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facepaintingideas profile image

facepaintingideas 8 years ago from Paisley, UK

Some good ideas here

Bradley 8 years ago

thes are messed up

ElitePoetz profile image

ElitePoetz 8 years ago from Right Near the Beach

Great hub, nice ideas.. Thanks

jack 8 years ago


Jenna 8 years ago

these really are pathetic, ive been facepainting for 3 years and i wasnt this bad at designs the first ever time i used paints!why anyone would put hand drawn designs instead of real photos is beyond me, not a good way to advertise your skills...if any at all

Sivan 8 years ago

wow guys relax, these drawings aren't the best but they inspire your own designs, no?

Riku 8 years ago

Yup what Sivan said

dieseldan 7 years ago

Geez . . .

Don't be so hard on the author. I'm new to face painting, and I thought this article contained very valuable info for a newbie. I even copied and saved this article for future reference. I give it two thumbs up!

Perhaps more explanation should have been provided by the author to put this article into better context. A similar article is found in her blog, along with other helpful background unformation posted. Part of that blog is a set of simple face outline templates (shown completed in the above article) upon which artistically challenged face painters can practice drawing and coloring in their preliminary face and cheek painting designs as a preliminary planning tool. These sketches can then be saved for use as patterns that kids can select from when getting their faces painted.

It's a system for planning and design, done on blank sheets of paper, before any actual painting is done. The painting and the photographing of the final painted result would come later on - after the color-sketching and design phase on the face outline templates, as shown in the above article.

To get a better feel for this system, and to download the author's blank frontal face and side face templates, go here:


Happy painting,


Shadow 7 years ago

Guys relax, I think these are very good ideas. Maybe he/she doesn't have a camera to put pictures on here so she/he did what they could and drew paintings and put them on with a scanner. I think these are very great pics and will be using these ideas in my next party for the Halloween. So relax and enjoy these drawings. I don't see anyone else making a site dedicated to face painting here. If you did then maybe you can give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and help them out instead of cutting her/him down. Please remember the Golden Rule:

Do unto others and you would have them do unto you!

Way to go author!


oscar 7 years ago

lol he stupid for drawing them dumbass ha !

Chris 7 years ago


Lisa 7 years ago


fernando 7 years ago

not cool yo

ERIN_B84 7 years ago

I didn't see any of the criticizers put up pictures. Anyways, its good to draw out the designs, especially when you work with multiple face painters, because it leaves room for changes and personal interpretations of the designs when you paint them on a child (or adult's) face. I don't understand the necessity of people to be so nasty, constructive criticism is one thing, but some of these comments are just ridiculous, rude, useless and immature.

Flick 7 years ago

this was very helpful seeing as i'm doing free face painting for kids at a church function :) everyone who doesn't think it's helpful, seriously no one cares if you can do better. P I S S O F F :)


ray 6 years ago

i think its stupid how everyone keeps complaining about the pictures. theyre trying to help others out. give them credit.

lalalalala 6 years ago

I think they are cool hahah not

GIGI the Clown 6 years ago

I've been painting for about 10yrs and while these pictures can be very helpful, I find practicing on a real face to be a lot more helpful. Paper has no contours like the face has and crayon is a poor substitute for real face paint.

Look for me on facebook to see my paintings. Search gigi the clown in Reno, NV.

not many examples 4 years ago


Transy 2 years ago

All those who says this suck can put up a picture that they drew. These certainly inspire people who look at it. No need to make it complicated.

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