Cheap Halloween Games and Costume Ideas

All Hallows Night is Almost Here!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Not because of the fun, the costumes, the friends, and good times. It's been my favorite because it marks a night of remembrance for those who have gone before me. So I tip my glass, and share my thoughts. Light the bonfire, and remember. Halloween is a day that has also had plenty of controversy considering it's shared between many religions as a different kind of event. For most it's called Halloween and is known as a night of trick-or-treating, and having a good family time with the kids. For others it's called All Hallows night. A night when spooks, ghost and ghouls have their chance to merge realms with ours. For me it's Samhain. The Harvest Festival. A night when I cherish the bountiful wonders this year has brought me, and remember those who have passed away. A night when I celebrate the end of the light half of the year and welcome in the dark cold winter. Being Pagan has always been a touchy subject considering so many cultures believe it's a sin to control your own fate, but personally I take it from the perspective that I can merely direct it, and no more control it than anyone else. With an eclectic take on what I believe in I also enjoy celebrating the season in costume, and when I look back into the history of Samhain it has always been a night for children. Traditionally they still went door to door asking for candy, but they also celebrated by lighting bonfires, having a harvest feast, and telling tales of their ancestors. Aside from all the history behind this special holiday there is also a lot of buzz going around as to how many ways we can celebrate. What games to play, what costume to wear, and the great decorations that go up in the neighborhood. So here is a hub with a few good ideas to help inspire you to get in the holiday mood.

My 2009 Gypsy Costume
My 2009 Gypsy Costume

Simple Costumes Ideas!

Pirate Costume for Men and Women

All you need is boots, tights, a peasant shirt, a plastic sword and a bandana. For a girl add a short wavy skirt to go over the tights.

To add a bit of decoration to the costume you can use, bangles, big earrings, a sash to tie around your waist, gloves, and eye patch, and tons of rings.

Rough cost of $30 at a thrift store.

Gypsy Costume for Men and Women

For men a pair of brown pants, a peasant shirt, a sash to tie around your waist, bandana, one big earring, and boots.

For women a long wavy skirt, boots, peasant top, thick belt, coin skirt, bangles, earrings, rings, and necklace.

To decorate these further the men can add rings, and a pouch. For women add a shawl, and fortune tellers scarf to wear on your head, or a simple flower to put in your hair.

Rough cost of $30-40 at a thrift store.

Witch Costume for Men and Women

For men all you need is a long black robe, a white peasant top, black or brown pants, boots, and a staff.

For women all you need is a long black dress, a black or red shawl, boots, jewelry, and a witches hat.

To decorate further you can add some dark makeup, colored hair spray, a wand, a piece of paper tied up like a scroll, and even take a pet with you on a leash as your familiar spirit.

This costume is simple enough it's rough cost at a thrift store would be around $20.

Other great costume ideas:

(Scary Costumes) Ghost, Zombie, Vampire, Viking, Spider, Were Wolf, Reaper, Skeleton, Evil Clown, Devil, Demon, Evil Jester, Pinhead, Freddy Kruger, Jason, Evil Fairy, Scary Satyr, Ogre, Goblin, Evil Rabbit, Goth, Bloody Butcher, Black Bride, Widow, Bloody Surgeon, Mummy, Banshee, Alien, Mobster, and Swamp Monster.

(Cute Costumes) Bunny, Cat, Dog, Butterfly, Ladybug, Princess, Prince, Bumblebee, Genie, Indian, Nurse, Frog, Pumpkin, Chicken, Tiger, Panda, Caterpillar, Lobster, Cow, Pig, Chef, House Maid, Lion, Duck, Zebra, Gorilla, Ballerina, Elephant, Skunk, Flower, Teddy Bear, Sailor, Mermaid, Monkey, Turtle, and Western Style.

(Whimsical Costumes) Alice, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Santa, Elf, Queen of Hearts, Poison Ivy, Joker, Mary Poppins, Hogwarts Student, Mickey, Minnie, Jabberwocky, Nutcracker Prince, Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, Steam Engine Style, Cat in a Hat, and Peter Pan.

Great Decoration Ideas!

Halloween Wreath

Materials: Paper Plate, Garbage Bag, Colored Paper, Scissors, Glue, and String.

Procedure: Cut out the center of the paper plate, and cut the garbage bag into thin strips. Tie the strips around the outside of the paper plate circle so that the ends stick outwards from the circle. Cut out some shapes from the colored paper like, a pumpkin, a ghost, and some words like, "boo!" then paste them around the wreath. Tie a string at the top and hang it.

Scary Pictures

Materials: Printer, Printer Ink, Computer, Scissors, and Tape.

Procedure: Simply enough all you need to do is print off some pictures of Halloween creatures like ghosts, a black cat, a witch, a skeleton, a pumpkin, and a scarecrow. Then cut them out, and tape them up around the house.

Snakes in the Grass

Materials: Plastic snakes, and outdoor space.

Procedure: Rake up some leaves and place them near your sidewalk entrance. Hide the plastic snakes in and out of the leaves so they are clearly noticeable.

Hanging Ghosts

Materials: White bags, grey or black string, A black marker, and a pile of leaves.

Procedure: Stuff the bags with a little bit of leaves, and tie a string around it to make a ball at the end. Leave some string for tying up around the house. Draw a face on the ball, and your done!

These four ideas alone are enough to decorate your whole house. The materials after decorating my own place cost me no more than $20. It's a cheap, easy, and fun way of decorating for the holiday.

Party Games!

Classic Games

Bobbing for Apples - You can do this two different ways. For one use a large cauldron filled with water, or punch, and place a bunch of apples in it. When your friends bob for the apples you blindfold them, and place their hands behind their back. The other way is to tie the apples up to a tree at head level, and again blindfold them, and place their hands behind their backs. Give your friends a spin in a circle to make it even more interesting.

Candy Toss - Have a big cauldron set out on the floor, and a mark a spot on the floor with a piece of tape for your friend to line up behind. The object of the game is to see who can toss the most candies into the cauldron. Add up the scores, and the one with the most gets all the candy in the cauldron.

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin - Place a large pumpkin picture on a wall or even use a real pumpkin, and have a bunch of different colored noses on pins. Give your friends a nose each, and blindfold them one by one. Then spin them in a circle, and set them off towards the pumpkin. Make sure they know what color their nose is, and find out who got the closest at the end.

More Great Games

Spider Relay - string a black ball of yarn all over a room till it's fully webbed. Have everyone line up at one end of the room, and race to the other side.

Fortune Bones - Have some fake plastic bones, or real chicken bones placed in a cauldron with small fortunes written on paper and tied to each one. Let you friends reach in and chose their fortune.

Pumpkin Golf - carve out a pumpkin and make the mouth big enough that a ball could easily roll inside of the pumpkin. Place a line to mark the golfing point, and line your friends up to each take a putt at the Pumpkin.

Halloween Pictionary - Have a jar full of Halloween words on small papers like, witch, pumpkin, zombie, or ghost. Also have a large piece of paper, or chalkboard to work on. Invite a friend to pick a paper out of the jar, and draw a picture related to the word without drawing what is exactly on the paper. Everyone else can take turns guessing.

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billabongbob profile image

billabongbob 5 years ago from South Wales, UK

Great Halloween hub. I'd never considered making a Halloween wreath before, think I might give it a go.

Voted up, interesting and useful ;), I look forward to reading more of your work.

carlavk profile image

carlavk 5 years ago from BC, Canada Author

I'm brainstorming more for the decoration part... get ready for some origami :):)

DRobinson63 profile image

DRobinson63 5 years ago

These are great ideas, will definitly give them a try this year.

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