Halloween Party Haunted House Props

Haunted houses are one of the best of all party themes for Halloween. You will need some props if you've decided to have a party, or even if you just intend to scare a few trick-or-treaters.

To make it convincing you'll have to go further than just a scary scream or two, but that is an excellent place to start. Think back to all the stories you've been told, or even better, if you've been to the haunted house ride at your local fair or theme park, to get some good ideas.

Haunted houses are an assult on the senses all of them: sound, sight, touch and taste. This is where you really need to start looking for props. The lighting should be dim, your guests should bump into things, unexpected screams in the dark and unexpected textures where they least expect them.

Halloween Lights

The first thing you are going to have to do is turn off the main lighting. You need it dim and spooky and you're not going to achieve that in a brightly lit home. You can't give everyone torches, though. While it's great to have things that go bump in the night, you don't want youe guests tripping over things. This is a party after all.

The next best thing is dim lighting and mood lighting. Turn on your lamps and have them covered in a dark fabric, so that some light comes through, but not a great deal. Then the best thing you can do is add some string lights along the wall, or draped across the room.

There are a lot of string lights available for Halloween. But as you are going for a haunted house theme, cheery pumpkins most probably isn't the way you want to go. Instead get some spider lights, or some ghost lights. These will look great hanging across the room, and make people look twice, adding to the atmosphere.

Even better, there are now lights which will add to the atmosphere in other ways such as fog producing lights. One of them is featured here in the Amazon listing at the side. Not only will you have muted lighting, but also fog creeping along the table and down onto the floor.

Now that we've handled the atmosphere, let's have a look at things that go bump in the night.

Things that Go Bump in the Night at Amazon

Things that Go Bump in the Night

Every haunted house has things that go bump in the night. Think back to the haunted house ride again, and I bet the things that really, really frightened you were the things that came down unexpectedly from the roof, or brushed against you when you least expected it. You can recreate some of these effects in your home for the party very easily.

Think about the things which can be hung in doorways or from the ceiling. If you are really creative, and have a bit more time to play, you can even set up others on strings which can travel down when people least expect it.

Some of the fun props you can try include skeletons, the bigger the better, and also ghosts. As a start these are fantastic. Add some more to the atmosphere with some spider webs. YOu can get big sheaths of webs very cheaply. Add some spiders to them to really get people going!

Now that you have that out of the way, lets add some more to the atmosphere by adding unexpected decorations to your table tops and floors.

Halloween Atmosphere in the Home

Now that you have props hanging from the ceiling it is time to add even more texture to your home. Scattering even more gruesome and spooky images all over the walls, doors, floor and available tables will do the trick nicely.

You can add a coffin or two, perhaps. How about the severed head of a bride to really make your guests jump a few feet back, or even more cobwebs?

Your guests just might have an inkling about what they are getting into if you add something like a skull wreathe at the door to greet them. This is the really fun part because the amount of props you can buy is simply breathtaking, and you are only limited by your imagination as to how many finishing touches you add, and where you put them.

The only thing left is to scream! And you'll need some really great sounds to really make your friends shiver.

Halloween Haunted House Sounds at Amazon

Halloween Haunted House Sound Effects

There's more to creating the creepy and disturbing effect of a haunted house than just the sudden, unexpected high pitched scream. Although that is an excellent place to start, and it would be an excellent party started.

Haunted houses have unexpected creaks and groans. They have sounds where there shouldn't be sounds. The cackle that suddenly cuts off when you approach. The sound of a slamming door in the darkness. Heightened senses make the sounds seem louder than they really are. It's the sounds, added with everything else, which make people want to run.

I'm not suggesting that you want your guests to run, but creeping them out is another thing all together. There are heaps of different sound effects available. There are even complete CDs to give you a night's worth of sounds. You can see a selection of them here.

Now that you have the sights, sounds and atmosphere of a haunted house, all you have to do now is decorate your house, and don't forget to have a spooky and fabulous time.

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