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Halloween - The Essence of Cooking
Halloween - The Essence of Cooking

Zombies Run Wild - The Clock is Ticking

By: Executive Chef Isaiah

Halloween brings back the memories of being a child dressed in costume going door-to-door gathering candy. The anticipation of dressing in a costume is further complicated by the thought of what it will be. As children we are building skills to learn the art of entertaining through favorite memories and parties of the past.

As you get older everything becomes far more sophisticated. You now entertain your guests with Halloween parties or dinners. Suddenly all the feelings from your childhood come rushing back as you try to develop a theme for your costume and entertaining ideas. I personally prefer to not have the cartoon type Halloween party as my theme.

The best way to support a Halloween dinner would be to have a theme such as a Zombie Feast, Dracula’s Dinner or a Mad Scientist Cocktail Party. Doing a theme helps to set the mood, provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in the fun and it will help determine the menu.

For example, a Zombie Feast would have graveyard decorations. A simple menu could consist of Zombie Cocktails, Steak Tartare or any rare steak, and you could get some simple organ models to make a molded mousse or gelled fruit dessert, such as a heart or brain mold.

To further set the mood play with lighting, music, table settings and all the decorations. Do not forget the invitations that should follow the theme. You really want to engage your guests, so be sure to prepare an eerie surprise for them. Are you too old to sink your teeth into an apple within a bucket of water? Search the Internet for favorite Halloween games that will add that extra something to the event.

Of course, every entertaining event needs careful planning and organization to be successful. Halloween will be here very soon and the Zombies are coming to feast. Will you be ready?

Sabrina Tells All

Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements
Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements

Halloween Mystery - Brief and Swift

By: Sabrina Delaney

The ticking clock presents a problem
Zombies are approaching, to the feast they do come
Shocking and scary my heart does pound
In a moment, in a flash, the eeriness starts to sound

I run and I hide
No matter where I go
They are soon by my side
No place left to roam

My costume is my only disguise
During this night our moments collide
Soon it will be over and they will leave this place
In a moment, in a flash, the eeriness will no longer last

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