Halloween Party Tips

Halloween Decoration
Halloween Decoration

Decoration Ideas

  • You can use some large glass bowls filled with candy put them on wooden pedestals.
  • Get some button candies and cover a table or a wall completely with them.
  • Lollipop trees are popular with kids. You can use a lollipop tree as a centerpiece
  • Beanbag chairs are good for kids. Use some bright colored bags.

You can create a haunted house for your Halloween party. It can be done in the garage or party room. For creating the environment, just cover the windows with black paper. Let guests pass through the haunted house one at a time.

Another great idea is to set up a Mad Scientist Laboratory. For that effect, you can get someone dressed as a Frankenstein monster. Get some bubbling concoctions and let the impersonator lie on a table. The concoctions can be prepared using dry ice and colored water in clear bowls.

Perhaps go for a vampire theme. You or your guests can always create their own vampire costumes - some can come as the old style, Bela Lugosi-type vampire, and the other half can dress and act as the modern, Edward-type Twilight vampire.

What's in the jar?
What's in the jar?

Games and Activities

Guess what's in the jar: you can fill several jars with different materials, candies for kids. The jar should be large enough so that kids can put their hands in them. You should cover the jars with foil or fabric. Let each kid put his/her hand in just once and try to guess what's present in the jar.

Get a kids Halloween party piñata or a witch hat fill it with tiny treasures like Halloween stickers, eyeball bouncy balls, tiny costumed rubber duckies and other spooky goodies. Let kids put in their hands and grab what they can with eyes closed.

Pin the nose on the pumpkin, pumpkin decorating, make-your-own-haunted-house sticker sets are some other fun games for kids For a Halloween party.

Sugar Cookie House
Sugar Cookie House

Sugar cookie house: Get some pre-bake sugar cookies. With these sugar cookies kids can construct the house. Provide them with candies (like licorice, gum drops, M&M's, Hershey kisses, etc.), frosting, sprinkles and cake decorators for decorating the house.

Chubby bunny: Kids like to play "chubby bunny." For this game, you will need a few bags of marshmallows. Get the kids together in a line and give one marshmallow to each one of them. Now, make them say "chubby bunny,” after they put a marshmallow in the mouth. Once you complete the line, start again and let them put another marshmallow in their mouth. The winner is the kid who can clearly say "chubby bunny" with the most marshmallows in his/her mouth.

Halloween Party Foods
Halloween Party Foods


Candy, Caramel apples, roasted pumpkin seeds (garlic salt for extra flavor!) are some good ideas for food for kids Halloween party. There are various recipes available for Halloween theme party for kids.

Check out some other interesting Halloween foods. Just type in your idea and search on Google. A lot of these ideas come from Divine Dinner Party:

  • Slimy Worms (Spaghetti)
  • Jello brain molds - you can buy a brain mold at Amazon
  • Kitty Litter Cake - Use melted Tootsie rolls on top to mimic ... you know! You'll easily find a recipe for this one
  • Halloween Tapeworm Sandwich - Slice hot dogs into thin strips, boil in water. They will curl
  • Sticky Black BAT Wings - chicken wings with black bean sauce and soy sauce
  • Halloween Cupcake Tower
  • Rats Baked in Blood - meatloaf and spaghetti shaped into rats, served in tomato sauce
  • Pumpkin Face Cookies
  • Bones of the Dead - traditional Italian treat
  • Gravestone Cookies
  • Graveyard Cupcakes
  • Halloween Layer Cake
  • Severed Fingers with Toxic Dip - chicken fingers with a green relish sauce
  • Bloody Punch with Floating Hand of Death - fill a washed latex glove with grape juice, tie and place in freezer
  • Zombie’s Brain with Tombstone Toasts - using your brain mold, press into meatloaf
  • Maggoty Pumpkin Soup - pumpkin soup with rice
  • Witch Cupcakes
  • Dracula's Blood Pudding - chocolate pudding mixed with strawberry jam
  • Dirt Cups - chocolate shavings are the dirt
  • Candy Apples
  • Spider Cakes
  • Full Moon Cake
  • Owl-Shaped Sugar Cookies
  • Caramel Candy Apples
  • Creepy Crawly Nightcrawlers - baked apples with gummy worms burrowed inside
  • Chocolate Spiders

Halloween Theme Song

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