Trick or Treating Safety Tips for having Safe Halloween

HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween Safety
HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween Safety

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

The time has come to trick or treat your friends and neighbors. Trick or treat is a familiar word that people shout aloud on the night of Halloween. This is not only fun but may cause troubles too. So, make use of the trick or treat safety tips to have a better Halloween.

Carry a flash light

At the time of trick or treat, see to that the kids or older kids carry a flashlight wherever they go. This will help them to be noticed even in the dark. Always treat or trick a friend in a near by area which is familiar to you and your kid.

Halloween Costume Safety

When you or your kid get ready for the trick or treat, it is safer not to wear the long robes so that it will help them from tripping or falling down. While playing trick or treat, the kids should feel comfortable with the costume. So, one of the best treat or trick safety guidelines is to use the costumes that are comfortable. Another important factor to consider in trick or treat is that get the masks that are comfortable. Go for the masks that have more space rather than going for the one which is hard to pull off the head. The costumes should be according to the weather. If it is a cold evening, don’t let your child were a skinny costume or at the same time if it’s got, make sure that your kid is not wearing heavy stuffed furs. Be little creative and make your child more comfortable.

Halloween Safety Trick or Treating Tips

Halloween Costume Accessories

Make sure the kids carry accessories that are not sharp so that it doesn’t hurt them or anyone. No accessory should be real as this is not advisable as per the treat or trick safety. Use flexible items and make this Halloween a memorable one. When you send your kids out for trick or treat, instruct them not to be outside past nine.

Road sense

While going for trick or treating, the kid should be aware of the traffic rules. Instruct the kid not to run on the roads and walk on the sidewalks. Ask them to cross in groups and not to run one after the other. Make sure the kid is wearing a reflective gear or a reflective strip is attached to the costume so that it shines when you move in the dark.

Avoid strangers

One of the important trick or treat safety tips is to instruct the kid not to go into the stranger’s house. They should also be aware that not to get on the vehicle of unknown person. Even instruct them to avoid eating candies from the strangers.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Trick or Treating Tips

Company is must

The kid should be either accompanied by the parent or by a buddy friend when going for trick or treating. If the kids are of average age group, make sure they carry a cell phone and follow the safety rules.

Thus, Halloween is fun if you make use of these simple trick or treat safety tips. You are sure to have a fun filled Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters : Staying Visible for Trick or Treating Safety

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Princessa profile image

Princessa 6 years ago from France

Useful tips specially the ones about dressing your child safely. Sometimes parents get carried away with far too fancy costumes that are too long, too thin or uncomfortable for the child.

A kid 5 years ago

I'm a kid (12 years old) and I'm going to be a ninja. I most certainly WILL NOT be using white, reflectors, or glow-sticks. Ninja SHOULD be invisible. I don't need cars to look out for me: I will look out for them! I will have a flashlight, but I will only turn in on when i need it. I will not be wasting it's batteries all live long night.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Princessa,

Glad to know that you loved the safety tips in the hub. Thanks for commenting.

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    HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween Safety
    HubMob Weekly Topic: Halloween Safety
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