Halloween Spider Themed Decorations, Costumes, Invitations and More

If you have decided on a spider theme for your Halloween party, and don't know where to even start looking for all the things you need to start decorating, then you are in luck! There are heaps of things you can do to decorate your house, so when you invite your friends over for a night of fun they'll be amazed And if they didn't have arachnophobia before they came, they will by the time they leave.

This article looks at all the things you'll need to get yourself started. There is decorating for the home, Costumes to wear, and invitations for you to give out, alerting your guests just what they are in for. At the end there is also one more bonus idea to add that finishing touch to your party!

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Halloween Spider Decorations

Decorating your home is the really fun part! There are a few things to consider when putting together the decorations for your home and get the mood right. Spiders are creepy-crawly. In the dark they move and glow, and you get caught in their webs unexpectedly. It is this you need to recreate in your home.

The first thing is to get the room looking right. You'll need spiders and spider webs everywhere you look. Big ones, small ones and ones that glow in the dark. You'll need webs that catch on people unexpectedly, coming from the roof, from the floor, everywhere. You get the idea!

To the side you will see a few ideas to see where you can get started: the spider on the roof, webs, big spiders, and even glow in the dark spider kits. By the time you finish they'll be everywhere.

The next thing you need to look at is lighting: Turn the lights right down. You will need it dim and spooky, just like in a haunted house. Candles will give an excellent effect, giving pools of light which runs up the wall and onto your guests. What if there were also spiders on them?

Now that you've got all of that into place, you will have to think of the costume you will be wearing!

Halloween Spider Costumes

There are a lot of choices for a costume to go with your theme. There is the obious, of course, and you guess it, I'm talking about Spiderman or Spider Girl. Getting one of these costumes will be easy as there are heaps of them available in all sizes from toddler to plus size adults. But why stop there? If you think about it, there are many more options.

You can be a kooky spider, there to have fun with all of your guests. In true royal fashion, you could be king and queen of the spiders! A wig, crown, webbed costume, all in black, draping to the ground. Add to it some accessories, like webbed jewlry, or have some of your subjects close by to worship you (as they should).

You could be a witch, complete with a hat covered in webs, with your cauldron draped in spiders and more inside ready to come out...or talking a page from Harry Potter, you could be Aragog, the spider in the Forbidden Forest. Even Hagrid guarding it.

You will be able to get all you need to pull off all of these costumes at Amazon or eBay. Even a combination of both!

Now that you have the decorating and the costuming done, you'll need some people for the party!

Halloween Spider Invitations

There are some spooky, kooky and fun spider invitations available. You should think about your overall theme when choosing. Are you going for fun, spooky or something else? Do you want to spend a lot of money on the invites or is something cheaper going to do the job just as well?

As you can see, there are all types available for you to buy. Some are just plain sheets, others are high quality cards. Even better, you can also get spider seals. Once you've written up your invitations, add the finishing touch: use a black wax seal in the shape of a spider!

Remember I mentioned that something extra for your party? Well, that's coming up next!

Halloween Remote Controlled Spiders at Amazon

Halloween Remote Controlled Spiders

If you really want to take your creepy crawly spider theme to that extra level then you can't go past this. In fact you won't want to! One or two of these remote controlled spiders will really get your guests running.

They will crawl along the ground and in the case of the tarantula, raise its legs. Just imagine your guests coming up to the door; they get caught in a web, and just as they are getting loose, a large spider comes crawling towards them. They move around it, only to have it follow them, and chase them into the house, right into the hands of...their hosts!

Remember, you'll need to do some practise beforehand to get the spider moving right for the night. I know it will be a big sacrifice, but someone has got to do it.

Have fun at your party, that is what it is about, after all!

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