Halloween Table Decorations Made Easy

Halloween Table Decorations
Halloween Table Decorations

These decorations take minimal time to create and will have maximum impact at your Halloween party this year.

Halloween Table Runner

Take some large autumn leaves from your garden and superglue them onto a simple paper runner. It really is as simple as that and looks incredibly effective on a large dining table adorned with candles. If you’re not happy with the thought of a paper runner, then cut out your autumn leaves from stiff fabric or felt and glue or stitch onto your fabric runner as above.

Leaf Drink Coasters

Again, use an autumn leaf as your inspiration for this easy craft. Trace it’s shape onto a piece of thick card and cut out, or jigsaw them out of board for a longer-lasting coaster. Paint your coaster in autumn colors and, if you’re feeling particularly artistic, use a think paintbrush to add the veins on each leaf. Leave to dry and coat with several layers of clear yacht vanish to add a durable, professional finish.

Pumpkin Place-card Holders

These look adorable for a more formal gathering and, again, are ‘easy as pie’ to make. Take the same number of miniature pumpkins as you have dinner guests (Baby Boo or Sweety Pie are excellent varieties for this craft). Cut out some place-cards from linen effect card (or easier still buy some ready cut) and, using a good fountain pen, lovingly inscribe the name of each of your dinners guests on a card. When the ink is dry, make a small hole at the top of each card for threading. Lay each napkin flat on a table and fold each side over twice and then twice again to make a simple, long, narrow rectangle. Cut a small length of florist wire (4-5 inches is fine) and thread through your miniature pumpkin sideways so that it’s little top stalk is undisturbed. If you find it hard to maneuver through, then use a thin skewer first to make your opening. Slide the wire through the pumpkin and then slide on your place card with the name-side face-up. Wrap the wire around each napkin so that your pumpkin and card are on top in the centre, and twist underneath to secure. So easy and wonderfully effective, not to mention seasonal.

Happy Halloween!

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Katy Meir 5 years ago

Brilliant Hub that gave me loads of ideas for today. Happy Halloween.

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