About Halloween Ancient History

Halloween Customs
Halloween Customs

About Halloween History :Ancient Customs

Once upon a time the Celts who lived over 2,000 years ago in a place we know as Ireland celebrated their new year on November 1st. This the ancient custom all about Halloween History.

Celtic Festival Of Samhain

(Samhain (Scots Gaelic: Samhuinn) literally means “summer's end.”)

The long dark winter night often bitterly cold also bought with it ,illness and death. Of course people died other times of the year too ,but the Celts were a curious and suspicious people and sensitive to the link between the living and the dead.
The ghosts of the dead were to be acknowledged and embraced for if not, the Celts believed they could be become annoyed and angry, often playing havoc with crops or individuals.Unexplained illness and death was often blamed on these 'troublesome spirits'
So they celebrated Samhain on October 31st ,the end of summer and farming crops hoping to please the spirits during the cold dark winter months.

Druids and Celtics also relied on these worldly spirits to pass on wisdom and prophecies about the future, later to become entrenched as Halloween history.

To honour these 'spirits' and evoke blessing from them, Druids built huge bonfires offering sacrifices of crops and animals to dieties believed to be ruling over certain counties.
They wore costumes at these Samhain celebrations and fables and fortunes were told and passed on.

About Halloween History

About Halloween History and How It Came to America.

The traditions and ancient customs of Halloween stayed within families so ,when those families moved ,they carried within them those same superstitions and traditions. As people began to migrate ,they also bought with them stories and myths all about Halloween History.

Halloween Comes To America

Initially Protestants opposed the pagan practices associated with Halloween and its customs were frowned upon in New England .The increase and spread of European immigrants also meant the Halloween History and rituals would be rivived again in numbers as more and more immigrants settled into their new homeland, they felt secure again to practice those Halloween customs again from old.

IHalloween and was catching on even faster in Maryland and the Southern Colonies ,even the American Indians had their own version of Halloween History.. These celebrations often took the same theme on the same as the Samhain from ancient days , dressing up in costumes resembling the dead or scary ghostlike spirits ,eating and telling imagined or real unexplained happenings!!!

The Unexplained Of Course Attributed To Unknown Menacing Ghostly Spirits!

As the millions of new immigrants flooded into New America , the Irish being significantly affected by the potato famine in 1846 migrated and really helped popularise Halloween Customs all over the states. Once again Halloween History was popular and people were curious about Halloween ancient customs and of course the traditonal harvest celebrations.

These now new Americans incorporating the Irish and English Halloween Customs began to adapt more costumes for dressing up and calling door to door asking for food or money a tradition that become known as 'trick or treating'

By the 1920-1930's in America was on its way to becoming a well known tradition and dressing up and fantasy still co-inciding with Fall ,which was once harvest time for many families of ancient times.

Today , thousands of years later it has become very commercial and it is estimated that Americans now spend $6.9 billion on this ancient custom about Halloween history from a land called Sanheim far from its shores.

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awsydney profile image

awsydney 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Hah, this can be quite scary! I do get a little edgy with all things connected with Halloween, especially Dr Tongue mask above!! :(

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

Hi my friend , yes I saw the mask on Michael myers, hubby was watching that movie last week , disgusting and grosse!!!

Just not in my head space at all.

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 7 years ago

Well crafted and written hub. Never knew this history before, thanks Eaglekiwi.

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Before coming over to read this, I learned that Halloween is a holiday that was practiced by destitutes! I was definitely at first frowned upon, as many believed that it was a Pagan holiday, but so was Christmas (it was Apollo's Birthday before it was changed to Jesus'). Thank you for sharing this, EagleKiwi!

Pete Maida profile image

Pete Maida 7 years ago

You have good information here. It is always cool to learn the origins of things.

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

no body thanks for visiting and sharing your combination of faith and historic tradition. Great to hear your and your churches unique outreach during pumpkin season ,lol.

It was one tradition that I never celebrated as such, and to be honest its not that celebrated in New Zealand,but I do think its important to always learn where traditions come from and why etc.

Great to read your positive and optimistic outlook on life events. Write a hub about it ,sounds great to me!

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author


I learned some new things also ,about the Druids for example. Thankyou for your comments.

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

Dohn121 Yes like you , I understood it too be a pagan religion/practice and just like other traditional type celebrations they sure do have some man-made additions ( like the Christmas Day you mention. No one knows the exact day of Jesus birth, I believe early Christians decided to name a day to commemorate the birth of Christ all the same.

Thankyou my friend for your loyalty , I appreciate you.

Pete , Thankyou for stopping by ,I dont get to see you too much these days , and it is an honor to have you make comment.

Laurie Favelle profile image

Laurie Favelle 7 years ago from Canberra, Australia

Great information. Like others I had no idea of the origins of this, so called, American tradition.

One has to admit that, the more you learn about the history of folklore, the more it becomes obvious that nothing is new...just re-badged! Perhaps its the recycling of ideas so we don't need to think too much. Whoops...could spell the end of philosophers???

Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 7 years ago from Canada's 'California'

Always looked forward to Halloween - is such a fun time! It's great to read about the history and customs of different cultures surrounding our 'special' days and holidays. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

Laurie Thanks for your comments and yes commercialsm always will be there to provide the trills n frills for our many traditions and appetite for excitement I guess.

Enelle Lamb

I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences and I wish your friends and family fun an happiness.

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

Great information good to know history

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

Thankyou for reading and leaving a comment Lgali.

profile image

mtsi1098 7 years ago

Great story and great hub...I appreciated the history...thanks

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

msti Thankyou for reading , I apprecate your feedback alot!

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

H'mm, really interesting history here! Nice hub! Gives a new slant on Halloween! You live and learn!

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

Hey Cheeky Girl , glad ya enjoyed it , I didnt know its origins either til I researched the custom either. Thanks for your input.

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 7 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

Hehehe great article it was how trick and treating was born thanks for sharing...

GeneralHowitzer profile image

GeneralHowitzer 7 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

Hehehe great article it was how trick and treating was born thanks for sharing...

bonny2010 profile image

bonny2010 7 years ago from outback queensland

I've never had much to do with halloween except horror movies and they were gross .The history of the Celts have always made good reading so it was interestingto read your hub - nice read

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 7 years ago from -Oceania Author

Sorry I missed your comments General ,put me on fatigue duties hehe -thankyou.

Bonny Thanks for the feedback and I agree the Celts sure had some history, wierd and wonderful lol.

platinumOwl4 profile image

platinumOwl4 5 years ago

now that we know the history of Halloween, When are you going to write about all Saints Day, which is the following day after Halloween. And very few people are aware of this.

Eaglekiwi profile image

Eaglekiwi 5 years ago from -Oceania Author

What a great idea platinum Owl4.

Thank you for your insightful comments.

profile image

CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

Very informative and interesting, Eaglekiwi, thank you!!!

I do not like what Halloween stands for, but I do enjoy a good harvest party. In fact, October has long been my favorite month and fall is my favorite time of year. :0)

God's blessings to you and yours - C.J. Sledgehammer

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