Christmas Decorations

When Is the Right Time to Hang Christmas Lights

The year has really passed by fast.  I cannot believe it is almost Christmas again. This means it is time to start thinking about Christmas decorations.  What will be popular for decorations, when to put them up, etc.  The best time to hang outdoor Christmas lights is between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  if you hang the lights right after Thanksgiving you will not have to worry about them when it is time to begin shopping for Christmas.  The decorations are also what prompts me to begin thinking about Christmas seriously and not wait until the last minute to get everything done.   

What Type of Christmas Lights are Good

If you are hanging Christmas Lights outside you should choose either one color or a multi-color strand.   There should be a theme for you decorations.  For example, you may have a Disney theme which features characters from the Disney movies.  if you chose this type of theme you may want to go with very bright colors because it is the type of colors that will be perfect for children under 12 to understand. 

On the other hand if you chose a more religious theme for your Christmas lights you might chose to decorate with more white lights, angels and other Christian based characters.  The very clear lights are also good for this theme.

When You Should Remove Your Christmas Lights

Christmas is over. All the presents have been opened. We have all gained about 10 pounds. It is now New Years Eve. It is also time to think about removing Christmas decorations. You should at a minimum take your Christmas decorations down a week after New Years Day has passed. I know that most of you guys love watching the football games during this time of year but you may want to consider making a little money during the holiday season by Hanging Christmas Lights for your friends and neighbors.

Hang Others' Lights and Make Money!

If you enjoyed the hassle of hanging your own lights residientially, then you may be interested to know that Christmas Light Installation is actually a solid business model. You could get paid huge sums for hanging lights for other businesses and people that all want to seem festive. But don't take me word for it, check out this site that talks about making money with Christmas Light Installation!

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