Hannah Montana Birthday Party Ideas

Hannah Montana Party Ideas

Little girls love Hannah Montana. So what could be better for your next birthday party than a Hannah Montana themed party? The themed party decorations that are available for Hannah Montana parties are everywhere and your daughter will absolutely love them!

Girls who are Hannah Montana fans love to buy everything related to Hannah, so what could be more thrilling for them than a Hannah Montana birthday party?

If you think your daughter would enjoy a Hannah Montana party you will be relieved to hear that there are an enormous number of Hannah Montana party supplies available ranging from cake toppers, to napkins and from cup and plates to beautiful Hannah Montana decorations.

In fact, almost every party supply that you can wish for has a Hannah Montana themed item available. Not only that, but I will show you lots of party ideas to make your child's celebration the perfect Hannah Montana party whatever their age. From sleepovers to discos there is a whole wealth of Hannah Montana ideas in this article to help you plan your perfect party!

Hannah Montana Cake

Beautiful Hannah Montana cake from dougjoubert on Flickr
Beautiful Hannah Montana cake from dougjoubert on Flickr

The Cake

I don't know about you, but the most important thing for my daughter when having a birthday party is the cake. Funnily enough, she doesn't usually mind how elaborate or beautifully decorated the cake is, as long as the theming matches that of the rest of the party. Of course, I prefer it if the cake is beautiful too, but my daughter doesn't seem to mind!

There are all sorts of Hannah Themed cake supplies to help you design your perfect birthday cake...

Hannah Montana Cakes can be designed by either baking a shaped cake such as a guitar, by using a Hannah Montana shaped tin such as the Wilton one to the right, or by making or buying a round cake and adding Hannah Montana Decorations. For my daughter's party I bought a round cake and then iced it in pink and purple, adding Hannah Montana toppers and decorations. Even parents who can't cook very well (like me) can make their children a beautiful cake with the right accessories.

For the better cooks the Wilton Guitar Cake Pan would make a wonderful start to a Hannah Montana cake and could be decorated in lots of different ways that your child would love!

The key to a Hannah Montana cake is COLOR and lots of it. Everything about Hannah Montana is bright and bold, so bright colors will make your Hannah Montana cake perfect!

Hannah Montana Invitations

Hannah Montana Party Invitations

The perfect party starts with the perfect invitation. Fortunately for a Hannah Montana party the correctly themed invitations are easy to come by and will be guaranteed to thrill your little guests.

Generally invitations come in packs of 8 so remember to buy enough to invite everyone that your child wants to invite and keep a few spare in case of unexpected extra guests or guests that lose their invitation. If your children are anything like mine you may also need a few extra when your little people suddenly decide there is someone else that they can't live without at their party!

Hannah Montana Balloons

Childrens parties need balloons! When you are having a Hannah Montana party there are two ways you can go when it comes to balloons. You can either buy packets of pink and purple balloons (the colors most associated with Hannah Montana) or you can buy themed Hannah Montana balloons that are pre-printed. Some of the balloons even come in fantastic Hannah Montana shapes just to give your party that extra special touch!

One thing that makes party balloons really special is helium! In the past helium balloons had to be specially ordered from party shops, but these days you can make your own helium balloons at home using disposable tanks available to purchase online. A curling ribbon is the perfect finishing touch so that not only are your balloons great decoration your guests can take them home at the end of the party too...

Hannah Montana Tableware...

There is an enormous quantity of Hannah Montana tableware available to make your party table just perfect for your guests. You can decide how much you want branded merchandise to make up your tableware. If you think having everything themed would be too much you can always use some themes items and some plain purple and pink. For instance a plain pink or purple brightly colored tablecloth with themed plates and cups or a themed cloth and then plain cups and plates. One important thing- don't forget your paper napkins for the little people's fingers and if you are worried about spills I always find that a plastic tablecloth combined with paper tableware is quick and easy to throw into a refuse bag at the end of the party. 

One Happy Little Birthday Girl!

Hannah Montana birthday sleepover party!
Hannah Montana birthday sleepover party!

Hannah Montana Party Favor Bags!

My children love, love, love the ritual of creating the party favor bags for their birthday parties. Not only do that get very, very excited about what goes into them they also like actually filling them themselves and imagining their guests faces when they open them. 

The first thing to do is to choose the bags themselves and there are some beautiful themed party favor bags available for the Hannah Montana theme...

Hannah Montana Charms

These adorable Hannah Montana charms are just perfect for party favors. They feature a picture of Hannah Montana on one side and a logo on the other side. Little girls just love to attach these kinds of charms to their school bags, pencil cases, zippers etc. The perfect party favor. 

These Hannah Montana Lipglosses are an economical party favor as they come in packs of ten so can be split for party bags or prizes for games. They come in ten different flavors which little girls love!

Miley Cyrus!

Party In The USA!
Party In The USA!

How To Decorate Your Party

Decorating your home or party venue for a Hannah Montana party is probably as simple as using lots of bright colors. If you are able to use lots of balloons (including helium ones where possible). Little girls love colours. Another thing is to have music (Hannah Montana of course!) and my own daughter requested a Hannah Montana Disco ball for her own party. Her party was a Hannah Montana themed disco so we darkened the room slightly and played all of her favorite music as well as playing party games such as keeping the balloon up in the air.  

I also added a disco ball beaded curtain to the entrance to set the theme as the party goers arrived.

Hannah Montana Crafts And Games

Depending on the age of your daughter they may enjoy party games and crafts at their Hannah Montana party. The first game that is always popular at a Hannah Montana party is dancing competitions. At my daughters party we also bought a limbo game that the kids absolutely loved playing. We played Hannah Montana music, and the kids had a wonderful time. 

An activity that little girls love is making jewelry. This could be something fun to do at a Hannah Montana party. Many craft kits come with large numbers of beads and party guests are then free to create beautiful necklaces and bracelets which they can take home as momentos of the party.

Hannah Montana Pool Party!

If you are lucky enough to be having your Hannah Montana party in the summer months what about a Hannah Montana Pool Party? Kids love to play in the pool and it keeps them occupied for hours. Many swimming pools offer pool parties with packages that include lifeguards and inflatables. If you are lucky enough to have your own pool there are wonderful themed accessories to make a perfect Hannah Montana pool party!

Hannah Montana Sleepover Party!

A Hannah Montana sleepover party is a great idea providing your child is old enough to enjoy it. The great thing is that the party can start late afternoon with dancing and food, progress to watching a Hannah Montana film in the evening and then the guests parents can pick them up first thing in the morning. The Hannah Montana theme can give your party a framework to work around, to help you think of activities to keep your little guests occupied.

Whatever type of Hannah Montana party your little girl has I know that she will have a wonderful time!

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