Happy Mother's Day to My Mom


Happy Mother’s Day Mom

Mom you carried me and loved me before I entered the world.

I know you wanted a boy, I was your first girl.

You made me strong as an ox and tough as steele

You told me women get a raw deal..

As I grew I remember you came to pick me up from school my first day.

I refused you ride as I told you I could make my own way.

And you cursed my independence and I wondered why you didn’t know I was strong.

I wish I had taken the ride I was wrong.

And we were close as two best friends as we grew.

A secret from the others only we knew.

That Mother’s and first daughters are best friends.

From the beginning until the very end.

As a teenager I told you I hated you... what a lie?

And I ran to my room and cried.

I projected my failures on to you.

Wrong again, what did I do?

At 21 I came home from Europe and admitted I didn’t know it all.

You were so happy to see your mighty daughter finally fall.

I admitted I needed you words of guidance.

Then best friends we were and dead was my defiance.

And when I had your grandson you drop me for him.

As he was the prize you had waited to win.

And you were such a great Nana he loved you with all his heart.

Never the day we could imagine when we would be a part.

But like a thief Cancer stole you ripping us to shreds.

And now you are gone quite simply said.

But your lessons were attained.

And your love still remains.

You will be missed on Mother’s Day.

But silent words I will speak to you as I pray.

Your love has fortified us to make it through.

However we still really, really, really miss you.

Dedication: This poem is dedicated to my Mom who died on January 7, 2011.

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moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America

How beautiful and how sad. Sorry about your Mom. Voted Up.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks moonlake,

But her lessons and her love remains. It is just always hard at the holidays, Mother's Day and her birthday.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


mary615 profile image

mary615 4 years ago from Florida

Oh, JT, what a lovely poem for your Mother. I loved the words and the emotion. I'm so sorry for your loss. When we lose a Mother, we also lose a best friend. I voted this UP.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you Mary615,

It helps to know there are other people out there who still miss their Mom as well. Sometimes I feel like I am alone in losing my best friend.

I appreciate the read and comment.

Thank you.


cherylone profile image

cherylone 4 years ago from Connecticut

Beautiful, I couldn't have said it better myself. Voted up and beautiful.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you Cherlyone.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 4 years ago from North Carolina

Beautiful, JT Mother's Day is never the same once they are gone, is it? I can relate. I miss my mom and lately, more than ever. God Bless

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Denise,

All of my friends here on HP are helping me make it through another Mother's Day without my Mom. It is difficult. There are so many things I wish I could share with her. I just remind myself that how much we hurt when they are gone is a measure of how much we loved them when they were here.

God Bless you as well and Happy Mother's Day.


thom w conroy profile image

thom w conroy 4 years ago

Very touching JT... I wish my Mom were still here so I could read this to her...Thank You!

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks Thom,

I don't think we ever get over missing our Moms. I am sorrey for your loss but I am certain you love for her was of great comfort in her life time.


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