Happy Mother's Day Poem

happy mothers day.
happy mothers day.

Mother You Are A Treasure

I'll always treasure U.
For all that you do.
Even before birth.
You've been exercising mirth.
Bringing me up from zero.
You'll always be my hero.

While still on all fours.
I added to your chores.
Yet,you always smile and nod
And for me,you were God.
Loving,patient,helpful stay
Always knowing what to say.
You make my fears go far away.

Always knowing what to do.

You get me back in real good moods.

You juggle work,home,and kids,to meet everybody's needs

Mother I love you.Believe me,its true.
Don't let my bad actions.
Be major distractions.
When bounded by invisible chains
You pray for me with great pain
I'll try not to do the wrong.
Thanks for staying so,so strong.

You help me learn. To one day earn.

A life that's rich. Far away from a dark ditch.
I know unseen angels protect me.
Still,you are an angel I see
Your foot prints leave paths of love.
the precious life granted to you
from the loving father above.
I will always remember you
with thankfulness,
And a heart full of love.
For you are a wonderful person
Who deserves to have every day.
Celebrated in your honor.
Happy Mothers Day!

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