Have You Been Naughty or Nice? What's Santa Bringing You This Year? A Hunk of Coal Maybe?

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Have you been naughty or nice? What's Santa bringing you this year? A hunk of coal maybe? These are questions that most of us, if we're honest with ourselves, ask ourselves during the holiday season.

How do we determine if we've been bad or good, naughty or nice, or otherwise accountable for ourselves throughout the year? Every year we make New Year's resolutions that are soon forgotten after the hustle and bustle of the holidays subsides and we return to the chaos of everyday life.

If you have children, you have surely been asked by them if there is a way to tell if they are on Santa's naughty or nice list. Surely, there has to be an app for their phone to be able to track their progress throughout the year or at the very least check by texting one of Santa's elves.

Fortunately, for us and our children, there are numerous web sites that have access to Santa's naughty and nice lists and can provide us with the answer. It's always best to get a second opinion, so be sure to check all of the sites to confirm your results.


Have you honestly done your best this year and still ended up looking like you're going to be on the naughty list simply because you've been misunderstood? Are your children sweet as pie, but give you a toothache at the same time? Maybe it is time to assess the method to your madness and try something different for a change. But then again, you may end up really on the naughty list for not being yourself.

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elizabeth 5 years ago

i love Christmas it is my favret time of the year!!!!!!!!

Rachel 5 years ago

Dear santa,

Christmas is the best day of my life.I have always belived in santa claus i am going to leave you some christmas songs that we sing in are christmas performance in frontvof parents

ella juron 5 years ago

dear santa,

christmas is my favorite holiday i always will believe in you!!!!!

here is some stuff i want a t- pan microphone, just dance 3 and please santa can you please give me a lap top like the flat ones PLEASE!!! if you don't get it don't care but i really want that thanks and love you ella juron.

laura whelan 5 years ago

hey santa

Adrian 3 years ago

I want an iphone and a puppy

Kyle hay 3 years ago

Can I have an I phone5 for christmas please thank you

Shaelin 3 years ago

I love Christmas and I love getting presents. It's awesome!

Stefan makula 16 months ago

For christmas i would like a 1.narnia video 2.narnia game on 3ds 3.scooby doo batman video

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