Having a Baby Shower

When to Have a Baby Shower

The best time to have a baby shower is about 30 days from the due date. Most young couples expecting their first child live in an apartment and do not have much storage space. If the baby shower is heald too early the couple must store all the gifts. If you have a baby shower later than 60 days prior to the birth of the baby, the mother-to-be may not have the energy to really enjoy herself.   The best time ot have a baby shower is between 3:00pm and 7:00pm on a Saturday.  This is the perfect time because the mother-to-be can be well rested and ready to have a good time.  She will get tired at about 8:00 and really needs to be a home getting her rest.

Where to Have a Baby Shower

The baby shower should be held in a place that is cool if it is summer time because the mother-to-be can get really hot is the summer time. The place should be large enough to hold al the guests comfortably with enough room to have large gifts displayed. It should be far enough from the general public so that any games which are played will not disturb others who are not part of the baby shower. Try to stay away from restaurants because of this. The best place is the mother-to-be house because she will not have to worry about transporting large gifts. A great place is a meeting room at a local hotel as the baby shower will be separate from anyone else.

Gifts for a Baby Shower

There are several great gifts for a baby shower.  At the top  of the list should be a crib.  Choose a neutral color if you do not know the sex of the baby.  Chose brown for boys and white for girls if you know the sex of the baby.  Another great gift for a baby shower is a gift card from a local discount store such as walmart.  This is one of the best gifts because all  babies must have diapers.  The gift cards are great because they really help out a young couple when they are running short on cash.  This is one item they do not have to worry about if they have a gift card.

Food for the Baby Shower

Try to have really healthy food at a baby shower because we don't want the mother-to-be to get ill from eating the food.  The menu should include a veggie tray, turkey or tuna salad sandwiches, and a desert.  Other items may include some fruit punch and desserts.    Make sure the mother-to-be have a great time and enjoy the baby shower.


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