Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Tips for YOUR Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays are upon us, with the season comes delicious temptations which are hard to resist. Even the most disciplined have a tough time saying "NO". It all starts about Thanksgiving and ends at the New Year, giving us about eight weeks to indulge and usually gain some weight, experts say weight gained during holidays many times stays with us. A little holiday healthy eating knowledge can prevent the over-indulge bulge.

First off it is the holidays, we need to ENJOY and not completely stress over our holiday eating. But we can take some simple steps to help prevent regret that may come later. Most of us will be attending family parties, company parties, and New Years Eve Celebrations - Tips to keep in mind.

  • Eat something light and healthy before you go to the party - I like vegetable soup or canned green beans
  • Choose lemon water - drink 2 cups before you eat - save the calories for the good stuff
  • A brisk walk before and after you eat helps burn calories and reduce your appetite
  • Choose a smaller plate - taking veggies and fruits first - then add the treats
  • Choose a salad but go easy on the dressing - dip fork in dressing then in salad - you get the taste of dressing but a limited amount, choose vegetable broth soups first - soup fills you up - avoid the cream soups
  • Visit - Enjoy the great company - sit as far from the buffet table as possible
  • Eat less the day before and after saving calories for the party
  • When eating a full meal - grilled and broiled entrees are your best bet - go easy on the hors d'oeurves which are usually full of calories and fat
  • Avoid second helpings or go back for veggies and fruits
  • Enjoy every bite of ONE portion of your favorite dessert, avoid going back for seconds - Or Share dessert with your special someone - let your tummy tell you when its full

Attempting to lose weight during the holidays is unrealistic and sets you up for stress and failure. Most of us gain some weight during the holidays, this year lets just set a goal to maintain our weight. It feels so empowering to be in control, and to know you didn't pig out to the point of being completely miserable. Take time for daily exercise during the holidays not only helping maintain your weight, but reducing STRESS.

I love this special time of year, traditions, special dishes, candies, and treats bring back so many memories. From the time I was a little girl my grandmas started those memories making certain holiday foods, I just can't imagine the holidays without them. My kids and grandkids now love those same special memories.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

Good advice year round in our affluent society!

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