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Baking Cookies with Mom
Baking Cookies with Mom | Source

Baking Cookies with Mom

With the holidays here, I seem to daydream about all of my memories as a child. My sisters and I helped our mother with all the holiday baking. We loved making all the goodies our relatives would help us eat!

There were tantalizing smells in the air, my mother was calling my sisters and me from playing upstairs. We met our mother in the kitchen, following the smells of apple and cherry pies. She asked us who wanted to make cookies. My sisters said they wanted to, but they just wanted to frost and decorate them. We helped measure out all the ingredients and read the instructions aloud as mom mixed everything up! Mom rolled out the dough and we used cookie cutters and placed the cookies on the pans.

Our little face became floured. As we watched the cookies bake, our noses were red because we were so close to the oven window. While the cookies were cooling, we helped mom mix up different colored icings, and we got out sprinkles to decorate them.

I remember how proud we were when we looked at our finished cookies and gave them to our father! He always loved being the first one to eat our cookies. We then boxed everything up to take to the holiday party for everyone to enjoy!

It is important to teach your children, grand children, or even your nieces and nephews the traditions your mother taught you. They will carry it with them for life, as well as share it with their families. Who knows, maybe you will create the next big Culinary or Pastry Chef!

Happy Holidays!

Chef Dolli

Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements - Life Event and Wedding Planning -
Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements - Life Event and Wedding Planning - | Source

Holiday Pleasures

If we were to travel through time, we would be reminded of the families that worked the land and struggled to not be so overworked each day. Life was hard with horse drawn carriages, cold winters and with many having very little. The long hours sitting by the fire sewing items of clothing, making candles and freshly baked bread.

The children would sit near by in a dimly lit room. Perhaps their father is reading or telling them a story. Parents tired from their long day must still find time to share precious moments with their children.

Father would take the children out to the woods to find a special tree. Would it be Caroline's turn to choose or Tommy's turn? No matter, they enjoy the adventure of running about choosing just the right tree. Once chosen Father will take his mighty axe and chop it down to be dragged all the way to the wagon. Mother is at home washing clothes and awaiting their arrival.

The children are chilled and quickly run to the fire as they dart through the door. Mother is feeling the brisk cold air, as the man she married many years ago brings in the tree. "Over here Father. I want the tree here so I can see during supper." The children are jumping up and down because they know soon they will begin creating the decorations to place on the tree.

They do not expect gifts because they cannot afford shoes. They line their shoes to cover the holes worn through the bottom. Still they do not complain, because they know that their parents love them and are doing the best that they can.

Mother helps the children create the paper decorations once the children have finished their stew. Soon Mother will begin baking the holiday cookies, bread and other items prepared for their humble feast of thanks. There will definitely be something for them under the tree.

In current times we are not that far from what once was. We struggle working multiple jobs, we may have a humble feast, we may decorate the tree with at least some homemade decorations and Mother will bake the cookies and bread. Perhaps they are purchased from a bakery, store or if time permitting actually homemade.

It is difficult to paint a perfect picture of what the holidays mean to each individual and family. Through the years there have been traditions passed from generation to generation. Truly a family treasure from one to the other. Our heritage was built on traditions and whether we know it or not we have had this passed onto us.

Do you still feel that there are no traditions during your holiday? If the answer is yes, there is no time to wait because you can start new traditions today. It could be purchasing a holiday ornament each year to add to your tree, perhaps special foods to be served or sharing a story.

Happy Holidays - Be Safe

- Sabrina Tells All -


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