Holiday in France-Ten things to do in Paris

Eiffel Tower

Holidays in France

If you are planning to make France your Holiday destination, then a visit to it's welcoming and glamorous capital Paris is a must.A romantic holiday break is many peoples idea of Paris, but it has plenty to offer everyone with it's many landmarks and festivals. Here you can also enjoy the cafes, culture and delicious cuisine that will make your Paris holiday one to remember.


Louvre andGlass Pyramid

Ten Things to do in Paris

1.Take a tour of the iconic Eiffel tower. It has a staggering 1,665 steps and stands at a colossal 324 metres. Built in 1889 it is the worlds most visited monument.

2.A trip to Paris would not be complete without visiting the impressive art museum at the Louvre. Home to both classic and contemporary art, the Mona Lisa is it's top exhibit as well as the controversial Pyramid Glass sculpture.

3.Try one of the many Paris Bike Trips.Hire one of the Velibe bikes and cycle around the beautiful city, a fun and personal way to take in it's many sights.

4.Take a leisurely stroll around the beautiful and impressive Places des Vosges.this is one of he oldest squares in the city and can found in Le Maris.

5.If you are feeling a little hungry why not try some delicious macaroons from one of the speciality  Laduree confectionery shops.

6. Take some time out shopping  and look in on the most famous flea market in Paris- at Porte de Clignancourt, officially called Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, but more commonly known as  Les Puces (The Fleas).

6 Sample the French cuisine as you cruise down the Seine River on a dinner cruise,that also takes in some of the spectacular sites from the Paris waterway.

Seine River at Night

8.Dine out at the fabulous Le Train Bleu at La Gare de Lyon station, here you will have a truly magnificent evening of fine dining in the only way the French how to.

9.If you want to see some of the finest architecture in Paris, then visit the Notre Dame Cathedral.Entrance is free , but you will have to pay for admission to the towers and the Treasury.

10, Have a great night out at the Moulin Rouge, the number one show in Paris, if not Europe.The Moulin Rouge is world famous thanks to its French Cancan,but the show sells out months in advance, so you will need to make any bookings early on in your holiday planning.


Moulin Rouge


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TheDisneyVacation 6 years ago

Paris is really a romantic place. Seine River at night is really spectacular!

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andy holly 6 years ago

Hey, nice article!

nice to see people promoting attractions besides the usual Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa etc.

I have written an article on bastille celebrations and how you can attend on a shoestring budget including accomodation and travel details!

Please check it out as it could be an extra attraction in your top 10 (or 11!)


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andy holly 6 years ago

ExVacationIdeas profile image

ExVacationIdeas 6 years ago

Don't forget: Take a segway tour! They are awesome around Paris!

ronaldoh profile image

ronaldoh 6 years ago from England Author

Nice addition ExVacationIdeas, thanks for looking in.....

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