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How to Make a Halloween Costume at Home

Halloween costumes can be a creative way for parents and kids to use their talents and save time and money making a costume at home.

A Halloween costume can be a simple and quick item to make or it can be detailed and require a lot of sewing and alterations. Depending on what type of costume, how much time you have, and what your skill level is will determine what sort of costume you want to make.

Fast and Simple Last Minute costumes - These costumes can be made from items you have in your home or something you can purchase inexpensively at a thrift shop or dollar store. Costumes can be made out of cardboard boxes, sweatsuits, old clothing, tree branches, craft items, and more!

Another way to make a costume it to use a pattern and sew your costume or use a no sew pattern that are free on a variety of Web sites.

Costume Ideas

No Sew Cat Costume
No Sew Cat Costume
Crochet Pet Costumes
Crochet Pet Costumes

Homemade Costume Ideas

Cardboard Box Costumes:

Get creative using a cardboard box here are a few thing you can make.

Dice - Make a pair of dice for two people using a cardboard box. Paint the box white and add some black dots. Cut out some arm holes and a hole on the bottom and top.

Popcorn Box - Cut out arm holes and holes in the top and bottom of the box. Make a scallopped edge on the top of the box and paint the box with red and white stripes along with the word Popcorn on each side.

Car - Paint on a windshield, headlights and stripes and add your favorite colors to make a box look like a car.

Fast and Easy Costume Ideas:

There are several last minute ideas for a quick costume you can make at home for trick or treat or a Halloween party. Using items you have laying around at home you can be creative and make a costume in no time.

Artists Costume - All you need is a piece of cardboard, some paint, paint brush and old shirt and a hat. Use the cardboard to cut out a paint palette shape and dab some paint colors on to the cardboard. Wear an over sized shirt to make it look like a smock with some paint on it. You can also smudge some paint on your face and paint a fake artist mustache on.

Baby Costume - Pajamas, Teddy Bear and a Pacifier are all you need to make a baby costume. Add some finishing touches such as bonnet or diaper pins.

Jelly Beans - Uses some colored balloons, clear plastic wrap, and some ribbons to make someone into a bag of jelly beans.

Pirate Costume - Use a white sweatshirt with some black pants, a red sash, fake sword and hat to complete a pirate costume.

Bunch of Grapes - Using purple balloons and tape you can turn yourself into a bunch of grapes.

Ladybug Costume - Turn a red sweatshirt and black pants into a lady bug costume by adding some black dots and a hat and antenna.

Hobo or Bum - Use old clothing, make up and some rag to turn into a bum.

Barbie - All you need are some pink clothes, a blonde wig and some make up to turn into a precious Barbie doll.

Fast and Easy Costume Ideas

Here are some additional fun ideas for making some Halloween costumes.

Homemade Princess - Use a pink sweat suit, some tulle fabric, and a princess crown. Add the tulle onto the pink suit and make a princess crown.

Scarecrow - Use a flannel shirt, torn jeans and some straw.

Autumn leaves - add leaves to a sweatshirt.

Mummy - Use an old white sheet.

Nerd - Glasses, button down shirt, pocket protector, pens, calculator.

Duct tape - Use duct tape to create a costume

Hillbilly - Old clothing make up, sandals, shoes with holes, black out teeth

Biker - Bandana, white t shirt, sunglasses, black leather

Zombie - Old Clothing, Dark Make Up, fake blood.

Movie Star - Sunglasses, fancy clothing, jewelry, make up.

Christmas Gift - Cardboard box, ribbon, gift wrap. 

Lamb - Cotton balls or white balloons, construction paper for a hat.

Dancer - Dancing clothes, fancy dress, suit, hat. 

Hunter - Camouflage shirt, pants and hat.

Ghost - White sheet

Gangster - Gaudy Jewelry, Hat, Suit

Cat or Dog - For dog white outfit with black dots and make up.  Cat yellow outfit, stripes and make-up.

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colorfulone 22 months ago from Minnesota

This would have been helpful for me when my kids were still interested in dressing up for parties. Costumes are big ticket items, and you offer some low cost alternative ideas. DIY!

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