Memorial Day: How Do You Define Soul Freedom?

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

What Does Soul Freedom Mean to You?

When I think of freedom, I think of the soul of each individual on the planet. What is the meaning of freedom to you?

To me the highest meaning of freedom is in reference to the soul in search of freedom from these earthy realms, on her path back to Unity with God. That implies the need for a soul to have freedom in these earthly realms; freedom from oppression, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom from fear of death, violence or abuse, freedom from doubt, freedom from lack of livlihood, freedom from ill health, freedom from mis-use of power, freedom from... the list goes on. What is your sense of freedom?

On this Memorial Day, I remember and honor the souls that have passed from these earthly realms in their pursuit to help others have their freedoms. These souls are truly the courageous lay down their life so that others may have freedom, keep that freedom they have, and help others to recognize and better understand what freedom means.

I also remember and realize more each day, that I can do more to help other souls have their freedom, there are many ways, though seemingly small and insignificant, that can have a large impact on them. If we all dedicated our service to life, in whatever way we can, the world will be a better place.

Please share what you feel.

Blessings to All

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Daniel Pyle 8 years ago

Great Hub! It is my belief that we all could do more in our short human experience to help others and to help others realize the connectedness which we all share. Being the change we would like to see in our world as Ghandi would have put it. Being the light instead of praying for it to appear. The awakening that was revealed so many times throughout history of religions can be a realization sooner than later. Thanks again for the hub and may you always see the light.

Gawn Fishin' profile image

Gawn Fishin' 8 years ago from Vancouver, BC

I have tears, your hub struck more than one chord in my soul.  I feel good inside about being your fan, Thank you

SparklingJewel profile image

SparklingJewel 8 years ago from upper midwest Author

Wow! Danile and Gawn Fishin', I feel so blessed to have been able to share something that touches your hearts and souls. Thank You soooo much ! :D

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