What To Choose For My Wife's 40th Birthday Gift

Choosing gifts for a 40th birthday isn’t just a case of thinking up an idea, and hoping for the best. Being someone who has just crossed over that age line and having many friends who are doing the same thing at the moment puts me in both the position of recipient of good intensions, and the person who has to be creative!

To make matters worse, my wife’s 40th is next…

What will I do?

40th Birthday gift for her…a man’s perspective

The best time to start thinking of the perfect gift is about 2 years before the big day.  Not joking, because as a bloke it’s a really hard job trying to come up with ideas of my own because my wife isn’t too worried about presents.  Firstly she is very practical, and secondly she buys her own things.  So what would be good?  Ask her! 

The problem is what I think would be great for her – underwear – isn’t exactly what she might think!  And sure enough, it’s not.  Clothes shopping, now that’s a different matter.  But any bloke who thinks that they can just go and buy some clothes as a 40th gift for women is way short of the mark.  Women like clothes, but THEY have to do the shopping for them.  So just buy a voucher…or give them the cash? 


You have to go with her.  I know, it’s an enduring pain, but consider it a hunt.  Care.  Don’t moan when you have to sit or stand outside the dressing room for the millionth time! 

You see the secret is, and this applies to all the presents that you might buy for your wife, is to realise that what they want is firstly a break from the routine, and secondly to know that you care about them, not just because they keep the house clean, cook for you, or wipe the kids’ noses.  If they know that you are putting yourself through what amounts to hell (shopping…most men agree, and most women know that most men agree), and NOT COMPLAINING then they know that you really care.

So let’s expand this a little further from clothes to a gift itself.  Jewellery? That’s ok, but you have to think about the woman herself.  What is her character?  If she really likes jewellery then you can buy it for her.  But if not, then she might not appreciate the gesture.  

Happy 40th Birthday!
Happy 40th Birthday!

Perhaps one of the best things that you could buy as a gift would be taking in a show. Or even better, making a whole weekend of it. Here’s my plan for the perfect 40th birthday gift ideas for my wife.

Make sure my kids are being taken care of for the weekend. I am already training my parents that they can cope with them for two nights. That means I can plan to whisk her away on Friday morning to wherever I decide to take her. If I go budget, then I may stay in the UK and go down to London. But if I can manage it, then I think Paris or even New York could be an option!

I know that she likes surprises, but not everyone does. You have to know the person. For my wife’s birthday my plan is to surprise her. We will get to our destination on Friday evening and book into a hotel. No shopping on the first night since we will both be tired. However, I will make sure that the hotel has a spa, or at least a Jacuzzi in the bedroom and a four poster bed, which we had on our honeymoon.

On Saturday we will share a spa and perhaps a massage, then it’s time to hit the shops. I will have pre-checked out all the big stores and made sure that I have a map of the city, and some sort of itinerary. The lunch venue will also be pre-booked. If funds will allow, I will take her jewellery shopping as well.

It’s no good just buying things, there has to be a reason, and I will tell her of this on Saturday morning. We will have tickets to the ballet. Again, this is something she loves and I don’t, but we went to the ballet last when we got engaged, and that was some 23 years ago! So she needs something to wear for that.

We will get back to the hotel for evening meal and to get changed ready to go out.

If the weather permits, then a moonlit walk after the show.

Sleep in late on Sunday, with some more pampering. Then the journey home to pick up the kids Sunday evening.

What about the men? I am a man, so that might help…

40th birthday skydive!

40th Birthday gift for him

As a bloke, I have to admit that I am probably not all that easy to buy for!  I have rather too expensive tastes. Clothes are ok, but if I hate shopping with my wife, I hate shopping for myself even more!  Within minutes I have reached the ‘let’s get out of here’ moment.  I really need about £500 to even get started on a clothes binge.  And it has to be good quality, and value for money that I can wear not just once, unlike my wife, but rather on a regular basis to look, well, cool. 

You can’t go wrong with buying me a gadget though, and that’s about the same with most men that I know.  It does depend though on what the interests are.  Current favourites have to be iPods, and naturally, iPads!  But if you do buy those things, make sure you also include vouchers from the iStore.

There is plenty of cool tech available for diy-ers (laser sighted spirit levels and tape measures…cordless drills!); for golfers (more laser gadgetry); gardeners…and so forth. 

If they are into sports then a 40th birthday gift for a man is even easier.  From heart monitors to watches; GPS devices to sports specific clothing.

Subscriptions to favourite magazines will also be a hit with most men.

40th Birthday party...80's styling

And of course, the one big thing for a bloke has got to be toys!  Start asking them about their childhood, what were their favourite toys that are now long lost, or even better, a toy that they always wanted but never had.  Top of the list for me is Evel Kenevil motorbike.  You can now buy the toy again!  I never had a gadget called a Big Trak.  It’s nothing compared with most modern tech, but seriously, it’s one of those things a 40 year old man would love.

And who could forget Scalextric?

If you live in the UK and are interested in what would make the best gadget, just look at the prize fund on such shows as the Gadget Show on terrestrial TV.

If women enjoy the pampering, then men enjoy the experiences.  Think adventure.  Think what men are into.  Cars, paintball, and climbing on high ropes courses all spring to mind.

Just like thinking of women and their character, make sure that you fine tune your 40th birthday gift for a husband into who they are.  It’s not just what they want, but rather what makes them tick which should influence your choice.  Not just what they are into, but what will strike the right chord now.

I am always on the look out for innovative gift ideas. Have you got the perfect 40th birthday ideas? Have you had bought for you the perfect 40th birthday gift? Then please do let other readers of this hub know about it, and leave a comment.

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