How To Make A Gift Basket For the Holidays

How To Make A Gift Basket

A gift basket may not sound like an exciting gift idea at first. It can become a present which is very thoughtful and meaningful though, when your theme or goal is to find items to please one special person. It’s easy to learn how to make a gift basket just for them. All you need to do is buy a variety of baskets, pick a theme for each person you wish to gift, and decide how much money you want to spend for each person. It is fun, easy and economical to begin to learn how to make a gift basket! In these tough economic times, we need to take a more creative approach towards how we spend our money. I like to do this, because some of the items can be picked up at any time you are in a store and something catches your eye. It helps us spend less money for the holidays when we stretch out the season's spending.

Get Started With a Basket


What You Need To Make A Gift Basket

You can find items for your baskets while running your daily errands at the supermarkets or wherever your day takes you. This helps you budget so you do not have to spend all your money at one time. Just make sure you travel with your gift list! This idea also saves you from those long lines at the malls. When I decided to learn how to make a gift basket, I was delighted with the reactions I saw from my friends and family! Knowing someone put enough thought into a gift to make it especially for them makes people feel very pampered and special!

When we exchange presents with many of the same people each year, we can get low on ideas. People who change interests often, or have specific collections of something, are the easy ones on our gift lists. We can just find new additions to aid in the enjoyment of their changing hobbies. We may have to do some detective work to see what our collectors need or want to add to their collections. But there are always that troublesome few who take more thought. Now we can view them as a challenge! The themes you choose to make a gift basket can vary as much as your vivid imaginations. I also find a satisfying element in working with a chosen theme which is enjoyable.

First of all, you need a few baskets in different shapes and sizes. It is sensible to decide on a price limit before you make a gift basket too. Consider that particular person. What do they like to do? Is there an interest they say they would love to pursue if they had more time? What kinds of accessories do they wear or use? Think about the latest conversations you’ve had lately, and that may turn up a clue or two.

Baskets are easy to find, especially if you live near a Home Goods or Wal-Mart. They don’t have to be huge, since they will be getting filled with several small objects. You can most likely find a nice basket for under $10.00--$20.00 when you learn how to make a gift basket. Later you can decorate it however you wish. A nice cloth bow is always suitable for any occasion. Some people wrap baskets in colored cellophane, but I am one of those people who re-uses my shopping bags, so dislike using something that will just be thrown out. It could be decorated with ribbons, and lined with an appropriately themed dish towel, or any piece of fabric, preferably something that can be used again. A bandana or a set of cloth napkins would work well here. Your giftee will be able to use the basket to store books or other items after the special occasion

How To Make A Gift Basket For Gardeners

Let’s say you have a friend who loves gardening, but only gets the chance to enjoy this hobby in the warm weather. Buy starter peat pots or several small flower pots at a garden supply store, or a nice set from one of the many catalogs that go straight from your mail into the recycling bin. A few of them actually have clever or interesting items in them. Buy a set of small indoor gardening tools, a few seed packets or plants, and some plant food geared to your choices. Some of the peat pots can be transplanted outside when the weather gets warm, and then the person will need a set of gardening gloves. A flowerpot hanger works for a plant that will be kept indoors. A more sturdy, terra cotta pot will look great out on the patio or on the front porch, and the plant or flower in it will be a source of pride if the person grew it from seed. If you can knit, crochet or do macramé, a homemade hanger would be lovely. Once you choose a theme, it is so easy to make a gift basket that will be very appreciated! And you are only limited by the climate where your friend lives and your imagination!

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Libbey 8-1/2-Ounce Irish Coffee Mug, 4-Piece Set
Libbey 8-1/2-Ounce Irish Coffee Mug, 4-Piece Set

I've used this gift basket for several coffee lovers in my life, and they all adored it! I love to have the freedom to choose what I want to put into the baskets.


How To Make A Gift Basket For Coffee Lovers

I have one friend who I never approach in the morning until she’s had at least two cups of coffee. So I bought a half pound of several kinds of gourmet coffee beans to start. She has a grinder, but if your giftee doesn’t, get ground coffee. Both can be found at almost any supermarket. I continued on to a liquor store and bought a few of those tiny bottles of flavored liqueurs. I added 4 pretty, clear Irish or Mexican coffee mugs, the kind flavored coffees are served in at restaurants. Paired with a set of colorful cloth napkins, it looked really great! It was just the thing to enjoy on a cold winter's day or night, and a fun way to enjoy a cocktail too!

If your friend doesn't drink alcohol, this is fine for any coffee lover. There are so many great organic and flavored coffees on the market now!

How To Make A Gift Basket For Teenage Girls

There are numerous ideas for teenage girls. Try visiting Dollar stores. You can buy several shades of different lipsticks, lip glosses, and nail polishes, shades she will enjoy trying out for free. Nail files and emery boards are a necessity. But since you are only spending $1.00 for each item, splurge, even if she only wears the shades a few times! People don’t worry about experimenting with make-up shades if they know they didn’t cost a fortune. Eye make-up and blushes come in handy too, and she needs a make-up pouch to store them, perhaps a change purse too. Assorted hair clips and barrettes, hair scrunchies, fuzzy socks, and candy will be welcome items. Then if you go to a CVS or other local drug store chain, you can find body lotions and shower gels that pamper the skin and smell great. Perfumes and candles make her and her room smell good. Wristlets are popular, and cute ones can be found at good prices in Target or Burlington Coat Factory. Sunglasses work at any time of year. And a special anklet or charm bracelet would be a nice addition too! You could buy a new charm for the bracelet for other special occasions. Girls are the easiest ones on your list because there are so many kinds of things you can use to make a gift basket she will love! If she has a Kindle, a gift card would be nice too, so she can order some new books to read.

Relaxation Basket

Findlavender - Aromatherapy Herbal & Lavender - Microwave and Cold (Neck Pillow, Scented-12 Herbs) - Made in the USA ...
Findlavender - Aromatherapy Herbal & Lavender - Microwave and Cold (Neck Pillow, Scented-12 Herbs) - Made in the USA ...

I have a lavender and herbal scented neck pillow like this one, and it's been used so much. If you twist your neck, or just feel tense, it really comforts you. It goes in the microwave for one minute and you can benefit from the heat. Or use it cold if you twisted your ankle.


How To Make A Gift Basket Geared To Relaxation

What about the busy men & women in your life who never take the time to relax? Try to pick out an interesting novel for them to read. I have found herbal pillows that you heat in the microwave, and put around your neck or on the forehead to relax. They both feel and smell wonderful. Add something to drink, either some herbal teas, or a bottle of wine could do the trick too. Votive candles in a nice glass container or incense with an appropriate burner would be appreciated to set a calming mood. These can be found in New Age Stores or online. Some people like to write in journals to relax, and many kinds are available, with covers in designs that both men & women will like. They can be used to jot down anything the person wants to list, lines of a poem, or words to a song they want to remember to download later. All of these items are low priced, but not so low you need to worry they look tacky. Staples has a lot of great, little journals, and little items that are great stocking stuffers. Remember, each individual gift is only one part of the gift basket you are making.

How To Make A Gift Basket For Drivers

We all worry about our family members when they are out driving in their cars. A good navigation system is best if you can afford one, as older cars don’t have them. What if something goes wrong? Is their cell phone battery charged? Do they all have a set of jumper cables? How about a can of fix a flat in case the spare is flat too? Everyone out driving should have a good flashlight in the car, filled with batteries that actually work. Flares are great to have as well. Ice scrapers are a must in states that have snow and ice, and car deodorizers come in all kinds of scents. A cover for a cold steering wheel will be much appreciated, or a good, thin pair of driving gloves. Those thin, silver space blankets can be a life saver for somebody stuck in freezing temperatures. They can be found at Sports Authority or any camping or sporting goods store. Even gift certificates for the car wash, or free oil changes are good for people when they get low on cash. Emergency car starters can be found that will charge a battery on the car’s cigarette lighter if neccessary.

How To Make A Gift Basket For the Woman in Your Life

And what would the woman in your life appreciate the most? In my typical fashion, I completely forgot about myself, and came back to add this category. As far as I’m concerned, you can never go wrong with jewelry. I am sentimental though, and my husband has a good eye. I have placed gemstones that are protective for any astrology sign on all of my Sun Sign astrology hubs, so you may refer to them for some ideas. They differ from gemstones of the birth month. I also like the yearly Astrological calendar. Books are always welcome. I like warm gloves and slippers. Gift certificates are always fun too, because you can use them whenever you like. Moms love anything hand made by the children. Many Mothers and Grandmothers would love to be treated to a night on the town with their husband or friends. They seldom have time for themselves as they give so much to others. Soothing bath and shower gels are a relaxing fix for when she only has a few moments to pamper herself and to feel pretty. Any addition to a collection she has would be very nice too. I use Fiestaware china, but my Mom collected Depression glass, so for special occasions we would search for pieces she wanted. A poem from the children would be lovely, or surprise her with framed family pictures, everyone changes fast, and with digital cameras, we often don't bother to print out our pictures! Then a few picture frames would be nice too!

How To Make A Gift Basket For The Men In Our Lives

The men in our lives like little trinkets that show we appreciate them too. How about some warm socks, a small tool set, with some nuts and snacks to nibble on? One year I wanted to go on an island vacation, and gave my husband a calendar that had a beautiful tropical island scene on each monthly page. The gift idea stuck, and now it’s a challenge for me to find the most unusual or interesting calendar I can for his office every year! He is surprisingly sentimental, and the last time I peeked, I noticed he saved the whole pile of them! Tuck in a subscription to one of his favorite magazines, something about the state you live in, sports, nature, whatever suits his interests. A compass or multi-tool is useful as well. A nice keychain with a flashlight attached so he can see well when he gets in late would be helpful. Maybe some candy if he has a sweet tooth, or a nicely framed family picture he can display at work. A nice set of massage oils would be greatly appreciated!

How To Make A Gift Basket For Teenage Boys

Teenage guys like video games, so you just need to find out what gaming system he has. He probably likes music, so find out what groups or types of music he is listening to lately, or what movie on DVD is a favorite. Maybe he plays an instrument, like the guitar, and needs new picks and slides, or guitar strings, a microphone if he sings. Perhaps he likes to drum, and needs some new drumsticks. I never met a guy who didn’t like t-shirts of his favorite group or interest. He may like to write in a journal, or may be a budding artist who needs supplies, drawing paper and pastels, colored pencils. He needs a wallet, and probably a good keychain, preferably with a small but bright flashlight attached. And he probably likes candy as much as anyone. He also needs gloves, a hat, and some lip saver. Everyone can use computer supplies too, new flash drives, ink, or blank DVD’s to record or download music. There are many options from which to choose to make a gift basket for a male teen or young adult. If he has a Kindle, a gift card would be welcome too.

Gift Baskets of Food Are Always Popular

Food baskets are loved by all, especially your vegetarian friends or those who eat all organic. They can be bought in themes too, like dried fruit, cheeses, or chocolate covered nuts. Once again, you can pick up things little by little as you food shop, at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Some businesses make their own, like Edible Fruits. Those are terrific gifts to bring to a party, as they are quite large and can be enjoyed by the whole crowd. They have fruit dipped in chocolate too!

Toys for Needy Children

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166) (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166) (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Please don't forget to give to the needy on Holidays, they struggle just to have food on the table, and probably have little money left over for toys for the children.


Please Remember To Give To The Needy

The U.S. is so multi –cultural, we have people that celebrate all kinds of occasions. You can learn how to make a gift basket for any type of holiday where gift giving is in good taste. I understand that some important Holy Days are more reflective and prayerful, and gifts are not part of the tradition. So please use both your imaginations and knowledge of which days are important to your friends and why when you decide to give presents. A donation to a favorite charity in someone’s name is both kind-hearted and classy. If Birthdays, Easter, and Graduations are occasions for gifts in your family, wrap the basket accordingly.

Please remember to give to the needy, because there are always people who have lives that are worse than yours. All sorts of organizations-- Girl and Boy Scouts, the Salvation Army, or your local welfare office will always accept donations for their food pantries, or accept baby formula and disposable diapers. Many businesses take part in Toys for Tots programs as well. Bless you for remembering those less fortunate, and remember to be grateful for the love and good things in your life that cannot be wrapped in a basket and do not come in a box. Take time to reflect on all that you do have, even as you have a wonderful time filled with joy and laughter as you distribute the well thought out gift baskets you have made for everyone to enjoy!

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Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello God's Provision,

Yes, that's half the fun, making up the basket to give to someone!

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Gods Provision 2 years ago from Texas

I love doing this for baby showers. It's always so fun stuffing a big basket full of cute baby things.

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Hi Tonipet,

I care about the environment too. Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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Hello Jean. I should have seen this hub before, shame on me I haven't followed you. Gift baskets are among the most wonderful gifts one could give away. Not only because its affordable and available but the whole sense lives up to saving earth. Looking forward reading your other hubs. Thank you Jean. Voted this up awesome.

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Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi, great to see you! It's different, and with money in tight supply, you can shop around as you get the chance. I've done this for a few years now, and everyone likes it!

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d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

Excellent article. Excellent ideas. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely take this advice this year when making my Xmas gift list.

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