How To Make A Super Mario Birthday Cake

Super Mario Birthday Cakes

The Super Mario birthday party theme has grown in popularity since the release of the Super Mario games on Wii. Many kids are requesting this party theme for their next birthday celebration.

There are many fun birthday cakes for this party theme. I will provide lots of cake photos, recipes and decorating instructions, cake supplies plus much more to help you create an awesome cake for your Super Mario Birthday party.

The most popular cake designs for a Super Mario party include: tiered fondant cakes, a cake using a specialty cake pan, cupcake cakes, cookie cakes, cupcake towers, yellow star cake, 1up mushroom cake, mushroom cake & cupcakes, party cakes featuring Super Mario figures and a Princess Peach cake.

Grab a glass of milk and have fun browsing!

Planning a Mario and Peach Wedding? Please visit my Super Mario Wedding Cakes page for lots of great wedding cake ideas and suppliesl

Super Mario Cake

Super Mario Birthday Cake using a Specialty Cake Pan
Super Mario Birthday Cake using a Specialty Cake Pan | Source

Make Super Mario Paper Cupcake Toppers

Paper cupcake toppers are very simple to make. Here are the basic instructions:

  • Find Super Mario images on the Internet
  • Print the images out onto photo paper
  • Punch out the images using a circle or scalloped paper punch
  • Matte the images onto cardstock and punch out with a slightly larger paper punch
  • Glue together and then attach a lollipop stick or toothpick
  • Insert into your frosted cupcakes

For a time saver, you can purchase the Super Mario bottle cap images or the premade Mario cupcake toppers featured here.

Super Mario Cake Using Cake Pan

This birthday cake was created using the 1989 Wilton Super Mario cake pan #2105-2989. This is a retired cake pan; however, it is still available for purchase. Sometimes the cake pans can be purchased with the original pan insert/instructions.

Mario Cakes Embellished With Fondant

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3D Super Mario CakeSuper Mario Birthday CakeSuper Mario Kart Birthday CakeSuper Mario Cake and CupcakesMario Todd and Star Birthday Cake
3D Super Mario Cake
3D Super Mario Cake | Source
Super Mario Birthday Cake
Super Mario Birthday Cake | Source
Super Mario Kart Birthday Cake
Super Mario Kart Birthday Cake | Source
Super Mario Cake and Cupcakes
Super Mario Cake and Cupcakes | Source
Mario Todd and Star Birthday Cake
Mario Todd and Star Birthday Cake | Source

Super Mario Fondant Cakes

Making a Super Mario fondant cake is a very popular design. When using fondant, the possibilities are endless. The five fondant Mario cakes I have pictured here are just examples of what you can do with fondant.

Since Super Mario features bright and bold colors, you could purchase the Wilton ready-made fondant in primary colors. Or, you prefer to make you own fondant, you could tint it instead. To add stars onto your cake, use a five pointed star cookie cutter.

The great thing about decorating with fondant is that you can get as fancy or as simple as you want and the cake will still look awesome. If the fondant cakes I have pictured here look too complicated, no problem. You can bake a basic sheet cake, cover in light blue fondant and then accent with yellow stars, mushrooms, and other Super Mario designs. Use the cakes I have pictured here to spark your creativity and you will be surprised with what you will be able to do!

Super Mario Star Cookies

Super Mario Star Cookies
Super Mario Star Cookies | Source

Mario Fondant Star Cookies

These adorable Super Mario star cookies were created using marshmallow fondant colored blue for the background and the yellow stars were flavored lemon marshmallow fondant. The eyes were black royal icing. Very cute idea! Would make great party snacks or you could wrap these cookies in cello treat bags and hand them out as party favors.

5-Star Cookie Cutter for Your Fondant Stars

Super Mario Tiered Birthday Cake

Super Mario Cake
Super Mario Cake

Two-tiered Super Mario Cake

Carolyn from the Learning Nook created this terrific Super Mario Cake.

She used Wilton 10" and 6" round cake pans. To achieve the desired height, she baked a total of four cakes. The entire cake was frosted light blue and Super Mario figures were used as cake toppers.

Super Mario Cupcake Stand

This creative Super Mario cupcake stand was designed by swishersweets80's. For instructions and a photo tutorial on how you can create a cupcake tree like this one, please check out my Cupcake Tree hub.

Custom made cupcake picks were used to top the cupcakes. Cut out small circles from colorful cardstock. Then, add on Super Mario images to the circles. Attach the completed circles to popsicle sticks and insert them into the cupcakes.

Swishersweets80's also shares her other party photos including the table setting, decorations and party favors. Check them out!

Mario Cupcakes

Funky Mario Cupcake Cake

I love this cake! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to include it on my Super Mario birthday cake page. This cupcake creation is a fun twist on your basic Cupcake Cake. Instead of placing the cupcakes together and icing them as one cake, they are iced individually and arranged to form Super Mario.

Elsharooni used 143 mini cupcakes and 4 cake boards to achieve the look of this cake. The results are amazing. This is a very unique cake idea for your birthday party.

Super Mario Cake

Super Mario Mushroom Cake
Super Mario Mushroom Cake

Mario Mushroom Cake

This Super Mario Mushroom Cake was baked using a Pampered Chef Batter Bowl.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Princess Peach Birthday Cake

Princess Peach Cake made using a specialty cake pan.
Princess Peach Cake made using a specialty cake pan. | Source

Princess Peach Sugar Cookie Cake

This birthday cake cookie was baked in a Precious Moments cake pan and then decorated to look like Princess Peach. You can visit my Princess Peach Party page for lots more birthday ideas for this theme including personalized invitations, custom party favors, more birthday cake ideas, party supplies, party attire, games, crafts, decorations and much more.

Instructional Videos

Super Mario Room Décor

  • Vintage Super Mario Bedding
  • Custom Bedding & Accessories
  • Personalized Wall Clocks
  • Wall Signs
  • Murals & Wall Decorations
  • Light Switch Plates & Covers
  • Window Valances & Curtains
  • Postes & Canvas Art Prints
  • Ceiling Fan Pulls
  • Dresser Knobs

Super Mario Room Decor

Super Mario Party Packs

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mario Kart Party SuppliesSuper Mario Party Supplies
Mario Kart Party Supplies
Mario Kart Party Supplies
Super Mario Party Supplies
Super Mario Party Supplies

Super Mario Party Supplies

Super Mario Party Supplies
Game on! Let Mario and Luigi help celebrate your child’s next birthday.

Includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, centerpiece, solid-color tablecover, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), star confetti and cake candles.

There is the classic Super Mario party supplies and the new Super Mario Kart Wii party supplies. Other party supplies include a personalized birthday banner, pinata, wall decal decorations, a party favor kit and more.

These party supplies would make a great addition to your child's birthday party.

Super Mario Decorating Ideas

Photo Acknowledgement

All of the flickr photos displayed on this page have either a Creative Commons license or I have received written permission from the cake decorator to display their photos here. In either case, you will find a link back to the flickr members photos as required for use. A BIG thank you to all of the cake decorators for permission to use their photos!

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blondepoet 7 years ago from australia

Oh these are the coolest I have ever seen, I just love them...

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These cakes look absolutely fab.

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Again some of these cake are amazing - I really like the cupcakes that make up Mario - now that is just cool. People are really creative!!!

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I love your post !! absolutely fantastic (and yummy looking too)

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Love all the pics. I'm gonna have to try that 3d super mario cake!!

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Wow, those cakes are impressive! I don't know if I have the skills to do that kind of detail, but I think I'm going to have to give it a try. My nephew just loves Mario!

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Thanks for all these great ideas. I love Mario!

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Love all the ideas and inspiration! I have a Mario birthday/reception Celebration on the 10th coming up and am doing all the favors, centerpieces, cakes, etc. myself and your page has been big in helping with inspiration and ideas!

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Love all of the ideas and links. Where did you find the ? boxes though? I would love to add those to the décor for the party.

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@jeffjen: What boxes are your referring to?

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wow, really cool!!

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I was wondering where you got the Bowser figurine for the Two tiered Mario cake?

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Nicole, most of the figures can be found on ebay. I have a few auctions listed on the page. Hope this helps.

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Awesome!! Check out my Super Mario Birthday Party Do-It-Yourself items at

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Luv this

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@jay jay: You can visit my Sonic the Hedgehog Party page for some ideas. :)

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I love these cakes! they are amazing! I am making a Mario cake for my school project!!! I hope that it will turn out as good as the ones here!!

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can anyone please help me and let e know where i can get a super mario birthday candle? please!!!!

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Janet21 5 years ago from New York Author

@Jai: I don't think I have ever seen a Mario candle, but I will keep looking. Sorry!

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necesito mandar a preparar un cake de mario bros si saben quien la puede preparar dejenme saber mi correo es montesinoscarmen16@gmail,com

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hello is any one there if any one is i need help making a super mario cake with mario and peach getting married.

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