How To Make Invitations

Party is a thing we all love to do. Parties, social gatherings, dinners, weddings, receptions and many other events are part of our life.

These events are reason to meet peers and kith and kin. We find reasons to throw parties and diners just to have fun, to have gatherings and to have delicious foods. It is said by many that all well if it ends well but we say it will go great with a fabulous start, and a party (or any gathering) starts with the invitations.

An invitation portrays the party in advance; guests make a guess of party’s tone and level of formality of your party or gathering. There are many ways of making invitations, it can be hand written or printed, or you can get pre-printed cards or post cards. For a small party or diner you can invite your friends on phone and email.

Hand Written Invitations

You can write invitation cards in your own handwriting.

For a little gathering of friends or for your birthday party or any informal event where a little numbers of guests invited you can write invitation cards in your own handwriting. That is an economical way to add charm in your party.

Do decide a theme for your party, and make invitation cards on that theme. It is better to use colorful papers and use color pens to make your invitation looks more energetic.

Use stickers, photographs and/or travel postal cards to decorate invitations. You can also use sparkles and glitz and studded it using confetti.

An additional advice: do purchase few more things than you think you’re going to need. This is helpful to add on some guests, if it needed at last minute.

Printed Invitation

You can get your invitations printed. It is good for weddings invitations, invitations for wedding reception and large and formal dinners. As these events have a large number of guests, which includes all; friends, family, neighbors and formal guests as business formals and official colleagues. 

Printed invitations looks more formal as compare to handwritten but are bit costly. But for large number of guests the cost you pay for printing is sensible. 

As we all know for weddings, wedding receptions, receptions and formals dinners there are many other lots of things to do. No one have that much spare time to sit and write so many invitation cards. So it is better to let the printing agencies do this on your behalf.

Invitation cards samples are present at printing shops, you can pick one from them and if you wish you can give a design of your own choice and they will print it for you.

Pre-Printed Invitation Cards

If you’re planning to give a party on short notice, then for your convenience there are pre-printed invitation cards available in market. These cards come with many theme, different colors and attractive designs.

All you have to do is that, purchase cards, write the name of the host and guests on it and send it to your friends and family.

Though you have to do same with printed invitations, but printing of cards on order takes time and these pre - printed cards are available readymade in market. You have to just bring it at home and write your name and guests’ name and send it or post it. 

Invitations Via Email

You can invite your guests (who you’re sure use computer and internet in regular bases) via email.

It is convenient on both ways; it saves time and it saves money. You can make invitation cards with the help of publisher, Photoshop,   coral draw, paint or other graphics and coloring software.

There are also websites with are fused with free and/or paid invitations cards. You can have a card from there. It is time saving, economical and within, almost, everyone’s reach.

Invitations Via Phone

For an informal small diner or gathering or party of friends and peers, you can just call them to invite.

It is cheap, convenient, easy-to-do, saves a lot time and above all it is all right with your friends, as they are not going to mind this informality. But make sure you doing this only with your friends, mates and peers only.

Things To Remember

While making an invitation, by any mean, you must remember to mention the name of the host (hostess), name of the guest on the envelope, time and date guests are invited to join in and venue of the gathering. Do also mention you’re going to give diner or just refreshment. 

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Melvin Choy 6 years ago

The latest technology can digital handwriting even on cardboard and thick envelope now.

The effect is feeling like engrave printing, and you can feel the handwriting ink is on top of the card or envelope.

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