How do you celebrate the fifteen days of Chinese New Year?

Celebrating each day of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the longest and the most important holidays in China. It involves fifteen days of celebration, starting from the first day in the lunar calendar. It is embarked with centuries old customs and traditions. One would really love to be a part of the New Year celebrations that stretches to two weeks time period. Each day has its own special events, which are keenly observed by most of the people. 

First day

In the first day, which starts with the midnight, people welcome Gods of the Heaven and Earth. In this day, especially among Buddhists, people refrain from non vegetarian food, which they believe would increase longevity. People do not cook on this day to keep away from any harm caused by the knives and any other sharp objects. Most of them visit the seniors of their family and greet them. They exchange red envelopes which consist of money, on this special occasion. They enjoy with fireworks and firecrackers. 

Second day

In this day, people pray to their ancestors as well as the Gods to bring them good luck and prosperity in the coming year. The married women visit their own houses in the second day. The second day is also considered as the birthday of all the dogs and so the people behave kindly to the dogs and feed them. The business men, especially those of Cantonese dialect, will conduct a prayer known as ‘Hoi Nin’ for good luck in their business in the forthcoming year. 

Third and fourth days

These days are considered for the son- in- laws to pay respect to their parent– in –laws. Some also consider this day as appropriate for grave visit. They believe that home visits should not be done in these two days. This because there are chances of arguments and that people go to visit their loved ones who are dead during the past three years, on this day. 

Fifth day

The day is called ‘Poo Woo’, the day in which people welcome the God of Wealth, staying at their homes. It is considered to be the birthday of Chinese God of Wealth. People do not visit other people’s home, since it is believed to bring bad luck. People of Northern China eat dumplings in the morning of the fifth day. People of Taiwan re-open their businesses on this day to bring good luck to their businesses. There will also be fire works to impress the God of Wealth. 

Sixth day

This day is to visit the loved ones, relatives and friends, other than the close family members. People pray to God for their good fate and wellbeing on this day. 

Chinese New Year Makeup

Chinese New Year Decorations and Gifts

Seventh day

On this day people celebrate the birthday of human being. They consider themselves to be one year older on this day. They eat noodles to enhance longevity and raw fish ( yusheng) for achievement. It is the day of farmers to exhibit their crops. They make seven drinks out of seven vegetables on this day. 

Eight day

They have a family reunion dinner to celebrate the eve of the birthday of the Jade Emperor. From eight day onwards, people start going back to work. 

Ninth day

It is the birthday of the ruler of heaven, the Jade Emperor. People pray and give offerings to the God. 

Tenth day

People continue to celebrate the birthday of the Jade Emperor. They invite their friends and relatives for dinner. 

Eleventh and twelfth day

They continue to invite their relatives and friends for dinner. 

Thirteenth day

It is the day when people eat only pure vegetarian food to clean their system, due to consumption of lots of food during last two weeks. It is also a day devoted to Guan Yu, the God of war. Business men pray to this God to overcome all the difficulties in their path. 

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Fourteenth day

This day is for the preparation of the Lantern Feast that is to be held the next day. 

Fifteenth day

On this day people lit candles and walk through the street to bring good fortune. They have small rice dumplings on this day. This is the day that marks the end of all the celebrations of Chinese New Year.

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