How to Beat the Winter Blues

Beat those winter blues

Winter is the time of the year that the thought of getting out of bed can fill you with dread. Well, it does not have to be that way. You can beat the winter blues and feel happier than ever during the winter months. You just have to know how to give yourself that extra boost. Here are a few tips.

Color Therapy

Just because it is winter, it does not mean that you have to wear dull colors and be dull. Brighten up your life and wear bright colors. Paint your nails a bright color, wear a bright colored shirt, put brightly coloured cushions in your living room and in your bedroom. Brigthen up your life and brighten up your mood.

Drink Drink Drink

Drink plenty of water, you might not think that drinking plenty of water can lift your mood but it does. When you feel clean, you feel healthier, meaning your mood will be lifted. Studies have shown that drinking plenty of water can improve the symptoms of depression. So reach for your large glass and drink at least eight large glasses of water a day.

Get Fresh

Take a shower every morning and pamper yourself with a face mask or body scrub. Make yourself look good and you will feel good.

Get Active

Exercise increases endorphines which are known as the happy hormone. The more exercise you do the better you will feel. Take a brisk walk every morning, or go jogging or just do an exercise DVD. Get active and you will feel your mood lifting.

Think Positive

This is probably one of the most important things. If you feel and think depressed or sad you will be. Thoughts become things, so think positive. It can be hard to think positive but try and switch your thinking. Change the way you think, when you are thinking something negative and switch it something positive. You will feel so much better and you can easily prevent the winter blues.

Good luck and be happy

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