How to Celebrate Your Silver Wedding Anniversary

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Celebrating Your Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary

You have been together for 25 years and you have survived to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary. There are so many wonderful options for celebrating a 25 years of wedded bliss and this hub will guide you through some of the wonderful choices available.

It's not always easy to plan for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration. If your kids are all grown up, they may want to take charge of he celebration and you can easily find yourself left out in the cold with very little input. If your children are still in school or in their teens, they probably won't want the responsibility of planning a wedding anniversary celebration but will be excited participants in your planning. The planning will be up to you or you will have to make important decisions about what you want for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

It is good advice to start planning 3 years ahead of time. You may wish to have a second honeymoon, take a cruise, throw an elaborate dinner for family and friends or just celebrate with your spouse quietly. Planning ahead is essential. You don't need to have all the details way ahead of time but knowing how you want to celebrate is an essential first step.

Buffet style Dinner Party . How about a buffet style dinner party at home to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary. You will enjoy spending time with friends and family closer to home. If you wanted to renew your vows you can include this in the dinner party. Engage your teenage children or relatives to act as a servers to ensure everyone's drink is topped up, while others can assist with seating and other dinner activities. Include a slide show of your time together over the last 25 years.

Garden Party. A garden party for a 25th wedding anniversary allows you to invite as many of your friends and relatives as possible and it is a great way to celebrate in the beautiful outdoors provided your anniversary falls during the warmer months or you live in a warmer climate. Choose a theme for the garden party. Even though it is a silver wedding anniversary you can still have a theme like Hawaiian, Caribbean or Turkish. The choices are endless. From the decorations to the food, you can have as wonderful a time planning a garden silver anniversary celebration as the actual celebration.

Silver Anniversary Cruise. A silver anniversary cruise is a wonderful way to celebrate your 25th year as a couple. Choose from a 7 day, 11 day or 21 day cruise. Let the cruise operator know that you are celebrating your twenty fifth wedding anniversary and they would have some great surprises in store for you. Depending on your finances you may want to share this time only with your partner or if you can afford it you may wish to take along your children and other extend family members and friends.

A Caribbean Wedding . If you never had a real wedding, here is your opportunity to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary by having a real exotic wedding. You can choose to do so in the Caribbean or any other country of your choice. The resorts do an excellent job at helping you plan the perfect wedding to make your dreams come true. Check out the different resorts and what they have to offer and make a decision that satisfies your needs.

There are so many great ways to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary. the key is deciding early on the type of celebration you would like to have and start saving early to ensure all your wishes are granted for your silver wedding anniversary.

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