How to Choose a Gift ? Tips to Choose Gifts for any Occasion

While You Gift Someone…

Figuring out the appropriate gift for an occasion is always a troublesome task. Here we go with some tips.

Wedding Gifts:

  • Diamond ornaments are the most preferred wedding gifts, these days. If you intend to gift gold, it’s advisable to give gold bars or biscuits.
  • If one of your close friends is getting married, you needn’t stick on to clothes or ornament gift options alone. You can sponsor expensive yet inevitable ingredients of marriage preparation like hair straightening, spa treatment etc. for your friend.
  • It’s a fine idea to gift your friend with furniture or utensils if your friend shifts home after marriage. But it’s always best to consult your friend on what should be the gift. For those who enter kitchen only after marriage, recipe books will be a good gift to offer.

Don’ts for Wedding Gifts: Most of us feel like spending big amounts to gift our beloveds during their marriage. But the gift may not appear great to the one who receives the gift. So if you are bent on spending huge amounts, better gift it as cash cheques.

Home Shifting:

  • If it’s your close friend who shifts home, don’t hesitate to ask in person what does he or she need. If they prefer utensils, ask them which is their favorite color, model etc. This will help you find a gift that really pleases your friend.
  • If there is a little kid at home, you can gift a kid’s chair or table or even a laminated cartoon character for the kid’s room. Go for bedspreads or branded towels if you want to gift newly marrieds.
  • It’s always good to share the expenses when it comes to your siblings’ home shifting. You can always gift them with curtains, fans, electric chimney or stuffs like that.

Don’ts in Choosing gifts: Please make it a point to avoid the regular annoying gift items like pressure cooker, dinner set and tea set.

Party Gift Ideas:

  • You can gift juice glasses, cutlery, lucky bamboo, picnic basket etc. when the occasion is a party. Table clothes and embroidered table mats too are good options. Try gifting home made jams or pastry—those who throw the party would simply love it.

Don’ts: If you decide to gift a cake for a birthday party; that will be dumb since it will make those who held the party resort their neighbors’ fridge to keep the excess food stuffs.

Best Gifts For the Baby:

  • Medium large dresses can be gifted for the baby during occasions like baptism and christening ceremony. Gold coins too are good options. Opening an education fund in the baby’s name will be the best birthday gift that parents or grandparents can offer on the kid’s first birthday.

Don’ts: Only half the stuffs inside a baby set will turn out to be useful. Instead of gifting a baby set, you can go for plannels, diaper, baby bags etc.

Gift for Sent off or Retirement  Functions:

  • If they have any financial crisis, offering a new job or help them find a new opportunity will be the greatest gift that can be given. Also, you can collect money from colleagues and give them a big gift.

Don’ts: There is no point in giving useless ornamental stuffs.

Can I Reject a Gift?

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are married or unmarried woman; but if a man offers you a gift without any reason, you can choose to reject it without any hesitation. It will save you greater miseries in the future.
  • If some one gives you a gift in advance for a particular celebration, and if the celebration gets called off for some reason, give back the gift the very moment; that’s manners.

Don’t loose gifts:

  • It’s usual to loose gifts in the function’s haste. Ask some close relatives to take care of the gifts.
  • Keep a bag for those cheques and cash you receive as gift.
  • Arrange a separate vehicle to bring the gifts from the venue to the house.
  • Keep the gifts locked in an empty room until the function is over.

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