Honoring our Nations Veterans

Celebrate Veterans Day

Veterans Day is coming up on November 11 as it does every year.  This year it is really important that we honor our nations veterans.  We have always asked them to go above and beyond to protect not only the United States of America but we now have them overseas in two other countries to protect their citizens.  Some of the young men and women are no more than 18 years old.  They are still our babies.  At 18 they are being asked to take on more than a lot of people in their 50's have not been asked to do.  

Honor our Veterans On the Job

If you work for an organization that meets the public make sure that you make a point of telling a veteran thank you on this special day.  For someone to just say thank you means a lot to most veterans.  I have the pleasure and honor of serving veterans every day at my job.  I have been doing this for more than 25 years.  There is no greater pleasure to me than serving our nations veterans.

The men and women that I serve are very humble in their accomplishments.  They are very appreciative of just the little we do for them as part of my job.  I get so much pleasure when I am able to say thank you to them for their service.  They almost always turn the tables and say thank you miss for giving me what i need as as veteran in America.  To smile and say thank you is such a small time, so please take the time to say this to the veterans you know especially on their special day.

Veterans You Work With

I happen to work for an organization that have a large population of veterans.  These veterans also assist other veterans in obtaining necessary benefits.  If you work in an organization such as this one a good idea may be to take one of the veterans in your organization to lunch or have a potluck luncheon where no one that is a veteran has to bring anything to participate.

When we are working we sometimes forget that we are working with the same population we are hired to work for.  We forget that they are veterans too and deserve some special treatment on their special day.

A Veteran Family Member

If you have a family member who is a veteran be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their service.  If the family member is not a member of your household be sure to say thank you to the veteran's family for supporting them while they were on active duty.  The families of our veterans deserve our thank you's also because if the veteran is stressed out because of what is going on at home it creates a danger for them and their fellow soldiers on the battle field..

Retailers Should Offer Special Deals

If you own a restaurant or retail establishment you should offer something special to veterans for Veterans Day. In my area several of the restaurants offer free meals to veterans on Veterans Day. I have been to these restaurants on these days with a veteran and they are just overjoyed to be receiving this type of thank you. They are just beaming in their military paraphenalia. It is really interesting to see some of the WWII and Vietnam veterans wear their ribbons and awards to this event.

Celebrate Veterans Day at a Parade

Celebrate Veterans Day at an event that is for the entire family.  Most major cities in the United States have an annual Veterans Day Parade.  Go out and support all the veterans at this event.  Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you show our nations veterans how much we appreciate them and their endeavors to protect and serve the United States of Amercia.


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