How to Make 3D Paper Christmas Trees

Making Your Own 3D Paper Christmas Tree

Christmas is the time to rejoice and rejuvenate oneself, a time to share traditional rituals with colors, decorations etc. Gifting, caroling, tree decorating, hanging stockings and baking cookies and cakes are all traditions that have been passed down through many years since it originated. Christmas is traditionally rich festival than any other holiday celebrated in western countries. People here believed and they do still believe that these trees represent life and immortality and would protect their homes from evil during every coming year. Christmas Tree is the centerpiece of the season.

Lets get set go on how to go about making a 3D Paper Christmas Tree.

Christmas tree using papers
Christmas tree using papers

Materials Required for Making a 3D Paper Christmas Tree

Below are the instructions given to make your own 3D Paper Christmas Tree. Follow them step by step

  1. Thick Paper Sheet, Dark Green in color
  2. Thick Paper Sheet, Dark Brown in color
  3. Thick Paper Sheet, Silver in color
  4. Pencil
  5. Measuring Ruler
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue for sticking
  8. Colorful Stickers of Stars,
  9. Bells for decorating the tree
  10. Colorful Glitters or Glitter Glue for decoration
  11. Cellophane tape

3D Paper Christmas Tree Decorations

Steps by Step Instructions to make a 3D Paper Christmas Tree

  1. Fold a piece of the green thick paper sheet into half in equal proportion.
  2. Cut them into two pieces, i.e., cut the folded line in order to make them in two pieces.
  3. Keep the two pieces of the cut papers together, i.e., one on the other.
  4. Fold them again from the middle together.
  5. On one side of the folded paper, draw half a Christmas tree opposite the fold.
  6. With scissors, cut along the line drawn on the folded paper - this will give two identical trees.
  7. Fold both the tree shaped piece of papers into half, barely creasing the centre. The tree top should be touching the bottom of the tree.
  8. Now cut a slit along the top half of the centre of one tree and cut a slit along the bottom half of the centre on another tree.
  9. Finally slip both the trees along the slits.
  10. Tape the bottoms and tops of the tree in order to make the tree stand up without falling or tearing at the edges.
  11. Take a piece of brown thick paper sheet, with a lesser width and smaller in size, roll it in the shape of a pipe.
  12. Paste both the ends of the rolled paper in order to make a branch of the tree.
  13. Now, place the tree (green paper) on top of the brown paper. Paste it with a small amount of glue.
  14. Take a small piece of the silver thick paper sheet and draw a star on it.
  15. With scissors, cut the star and cut a tiny slit in it.
  16. Place the star on the top of the tree with a small amount of glue.
  17. Decorate the tree with stickers of stars, bells and glitters.

The most awaited Christmas tree is ready for this Christmas season and for the coming seasons. So, why wait and buy a Christmas Tree, when you can make a beautifully decorated one on your own. Make one…., of your choice and of the size you want and keep it outdoor or indoor, wherever you prefer to keep it decorated. You can also gift this beautiful tree to someone.

So Get Going with these simple steps………

The most awaited Christmas tree is ready for this Christmas season.

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