How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Supplies

Dreamworks newest movie, How to Train your Dragon is sure to be a popular theme for Birthdays this year. Get your little viking all suited up in the latest costumes and party supplies!

How to Train Your Dragon has the latest plates napkins and yes even a Viking hat. Come and exlore here to plan your next birthday party.

How To Train Your Dragon Party Invitations

Get Started!

 Get your party invites out early and get them excited about the even by sending How to Train Your Dragon invitations!  The invitation has Hiccup riding Toothless.  The invitation states " Get Fired Up! as a fire-breathing dragon chases them!  There are eight cards to a pack.

Start preparing

Start preparing for your party after you have sent out the How to Train Your Dragon Invitations. My little guy always gets excited when we start getting the goodie bags together!  Available here are gift bags featuring the dragons. The Treat Sacks come in set of Eight. Fill the How to Train Your Dragon Gift bags with How to Train Your Dragon Merchandise! Stickers are available featuring all six dragons per sheet.  There are four sheets of dragon stickers per package. Party Blow outs with dragon on them are available too. Eight blowouts come per package. Your little ones can pretend to breath fire with their blow out!   You can also choose the very popular How to train Your Dragon tattoo.There are six tattoos per sheet and two sheets per package. The tattoos feature some dragons ( not the ones from the movie) and viking weapons!  Tattoos have always been a party favorite!

How to Train Your Dragon Decorations

Now for the fun part.. Decorating. How to Train Your Dragon has many items available to decorate for your childs birthday party. There are accessories for the table. There are even Balloons and pinatas.  Each party favor is so colorful and will no doubt delight the birthday child and the guests!

For the Table!

The How to Train Your dragon party Dessert plates feature one of the six dragons. They measure 6 and 3/4 inches. 8 Plates come in a pack. The dinner plates are over 8 inches in diameter and also come 8 to a pack.

The How to Train Your Dragon Beverage napkin Features toothless and Hiccup. It is very colorful and comes in a pack of 16. The napkin dimensions are 5 inches by 5 inches. The How to Train Your Dragon Lunch napkin Features the Gronkle! This set has 16 napkins in it and are larger in size.

How To Train Your Dragon Party Plastic Table Cover

 Adorn your table with a How to Train Your Dragon Plastic tablecloth. The table cloth features a Viking ship sailing at sea, and a viking shield.  teh cloth is 52 inches by 102 inches.  One table cloth per package!

Get your How to train Your Dragon cups to compliment your napkins and plates. Eight paper cups to a pack. These cups feature the tow headed Zippleback!

 If you prefer you can purchase a plastic 16 oz cup.  This would also make a wonderful party favor for kids.  Instead of treat bags buy one of these cups and fill them up!

Decorations for the Room

Decorate your Birthday room with an eight foot happy Birthday Banner. Banner says Happy Birthday and features a few of the dragons. One banner per package!

To Go along with the Dragon Theme incorporate a Dragon balloon.  Although this is not an official How to Train your Dragon Merchandise you can  use it.  The Mylar Dragon head is 33 " by 26 " Please not the Balloon come uninflated!

Surprise your child with a Dragon Pinata. They can pretend he is the bad dragon from the movie as they attempt to get candy from him.  The pinata Dragon is 19 inches and can hold a lot of candy!   A dragon is available in green with wings too! Pinata's inspire a lot of fun at parties. Be sure to get your pinata buster as well!

Decorate with Dragons!

 Yeah, we got some of them around here too!  These dragons look super tough and would look great guarding a birthday cake or  just sitting on a table.  Perhaps you can sit one a tree for an unsuspecting passersby.  These dragons are four inches tall and are very realistic.  Would make a great prize for any birthday games.  All three are relatively inexpensive.

The Birthday cake!

 One of the most important elements to a birthday party is the cake.   This cake features the town of  Berk  and a Viking ship sailing across a river of blue icing.  This very cute sheet cake can be created by you with the toppers sent to you. (or if you are like me you can hop on over to Kroger and ask them to do it for you!)  You can modify the cake toppers a bit by  adding your own characters.  There are four inc versions of Hiccup or Toothless available that would go nicely on a sheet cake.  Click here to view some more ideas  for cake toppers 

Decorate Yourselves!

Everyone can be a Viking in these authentic looking Viking hats! These will be a big hit at your childs birthday party. There are four to a pack. get them while supplies last!

If your youth prefers to be the dragon then get this ferocious baseball hat with Toothless ( with teeth). This youth hat adjusts with a Velcro strap.

 This should give you a great start on your How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party.  If you are wondering about the gifts then check out the link below.  There are several plush dragons and action figure you can order.  If you have had a How to Train Your Dragon Birthday party I Would love to hear about suggestions in the comments below!

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lovelypaper profile image

lovelypaper 6 years ago from Virginia

Looks like it would make for a fun Birthday!

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Thank you Aaron99

AARON99 6 years ago

Wow! Just a awesome hub. Well done. Enjoy.

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Lgali 6 years ago

very nice hub thanks

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 6 years ago from Wv Author

Well take them! Def worth seeing in 3-D. You will prob enjoy it too! Everything is good thanks!

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wesleycox 6 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

My kids really want to see this movie. Hope all is well.

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