How to decorate Halloween cakes

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How to decorate Halloween cakes

            Halloween cakes are very fun to do. You can get away with a lot of whacky and extra ordinary decorations. So, what do you think are good and easy Halloween cake decorations that you can do? Here are some tips to help you start.

            Round cakes are the best way to go because they are easy to work with and they mostly resemble a pumpkin. If you are planning to make a bug-themed cake, black icing is perfect for webs. Spider centerpieces are easy to get, but too common. You can always add a dozen eyes to the spider’s body, huge candy fangs dripping with red syrup for blood, and a small figurine below the spider to make it look like it’s devouring it.

            Now, when it comes to Halloween, surprises are always necessary. So start making creepy edible body parts like tongues, eyeballs, ears, and even tiny hands. You can use gum paste or you can buy them in stores. Bake them together with the cake so that when your guests slice your cake, they will see the surprises waiting for them.

            Another great tip is to add a brain on top of the cake. Fondants and thick white or pink gum paste are perfect to make the brain. Cut a small ditch on top if the cake to fit the brain. Then place two eyes and a mouth on the side of the cake to make it look like a head.

Hope this helped spark up your imaginations on what to do on your nest Halloween-themed party. Thanks for reading dear reader!

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