How to get away with Trick or Treating when you are Older


How to Still Get Free Candy on Halloween when you are all Grown Up

Miss the free candy and the fun of trick-or-treating just because your a little or even a lot older now?

Halloween fun shouldn't be limited to toddlers and grade school kids! It should be for all ages, from senior citizens to newborns. Many people stop trick-or-treating at such an early age or they don't trick-or-treat at all when they are younger. For those people who do miss out when they're younger, they don't think they can ever try it, but that isn't always true.


Many people discriminate against older trick-or-treaters; they don't give them candy and tell them to grow up. Don't let that discourage you though, there are many ways to blend into the Halloween fun!

  1. Wear a masked costume! A simple costume like scream makes it so you can't tell whose inside of the costume and how old they are!
  2. Take your younger siblings trick-or-treating. People often will give you candy as well if you have a bag with you.

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sassyk73 profile image

sassyk73 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

Lol...I give everyone candy. When I use to take my boys trick or treating they gave me candy but I think they felt sorry for me :(

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