I just turned 24. I remember when I was 16 and I can’t wait to turn 21. But now, I can’t see myself where to go. I just feel like going with the flow. No sweat, no effort and no excitement.

Maybe there’s really a certain point in our lives that we just want things to be easy, let whatever will happens happen even though we commit ourselves in doing the best we can to fulfill our dreams and to attain the plans we have in ourselves for the future.

This maybe the time for me to just setback and relax. Yet, very thankful that the 23 years of my life is worth remembering because of the happy memories and life lessons it has given me.

Thanks to my friends for the cake and the gift which is becoming a tradition in our barkada. Next stop, CJ! I love you guys!!!

Lotta Love

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anqein 4 years ago

nice miz u

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