Inexpensive Gift Ideas For the Holidays


The Holidays are here and with the way the economy is functioning, there is a need and a want to purchase inexpensive gifts. A majority of shopping is done on the internet. Here are some ideas for gift giving without causing distress financially.


This company provides different types of inexpensive candy gifts from distinctive periods in time. There is candy for every occasion imaginable and there is the option of putting the candy in a bag or in a box! There are awesomely delectable choices and there is even the option of buying an inexpensive gift candy that the gift receiver had as a child. Try this site and bring back memories from the past!

Candy you ate as a kid® in assortments by decade. Fresh candy from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s… still available after all these years.


Give someone a pair of snazzy socks as a gift for the holidays. Happy Socks has a variety of different inexpensive socks at great prices. The designs are fabulous and intriguing. Try them our and see for yourself.


Cafépress and Zazzle have a variety of different inexpensive gifts available to everyone. It depends on the individual taste. As Ralph Waldo Emerson states; “The only gift is a portion of thyself,” So create a unique inexpensive gift for anyone. Cafepress and Zazzle are two places where those creative talents can be used to make an inexpensive gift that causes a stir.

Find Unique Gifts, T-shirts, and More at CafePress.


Purchase the gift that helps others in need. The Breast Cancer Store is a great place to purchase items and at the same time give back to women who need mammograms. There are so many different inexpensive gift ideas and at different prices. There is something for everyone here. Help Women Prevent Breast Cancer


Jelly beans are always fun to eat! Find the perfect jelly bean gift at Jelly Belly. There are different priced gifts and something special for everyone. With this company you can get personal and create a special inexpensive gift for someone.


if none of the previous ideas work, people always appreciate what is made for them. A scarf can be knitted or cookies could be baked; whatever it is the receiver of the gift will know it is from the heart. Try some of my recipes for ideas:

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