Merry Christmas vs. X-Mas? No contest

The story of Christmas can be found in Luke 2 of the Holy Bible.  I am fond of KJV.
The story of Christmas can be found in Luke 2 of the Holy Bible. I am fond of KJV.

Campaign to Bring Back "Merry Christmas"

Does it gall you to have someone tell you you can't do something? Something as simple as put a nativity set in front of a school or mention Jesus in a school program? What about the trend towards saying, "Happy Holidays," instead of "Merry Christmas?" Me too. Worse yet, is the practice of writing it "X-mas." I know the scholarly among you would tell me X stands for Christ in the Greek. Okay, I'll concede to that. But how many people do you know that knew that already? How many of the common class are actually thinking, "i'll just use the X for the Greek shortcut." I submit that the majority of people who use X-mas are just trying to shorten the word. It's CHRISTmas at my house. Always will be. The Christian Writer's Manual of Style , while acknowledging the ancient and respectful use of "Xmas" in the past, states that the spelling should never be used in formal writing.

I want to see more of these this year!
I want to see more of these this year! | Source

How have we as a nation gotten so twisted in our views on what should be allowed and what should not regarding the name of Jesus in public? We will allow inmates a Bible in prison after the crime is committed, but we won't allow our students Bibles in schools before they are committed. We will mob the churches in droves after a national tragedy such as 09/11, but our president now wants no part of a National Day of Prayer. When I was a child we had prayer to begin the school day, and our Christmas programs included songs such as, "Away in a Manger," "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," "O' Little Town of Bethlehem." Today you will be hard pressed to find such in a public school.

Yet on Halloween, our children are encouraged to wear goblin masks, dress like demon spirits, and gory monsters. We as a nation have allowed one woman to guide our legislation. William Murray, son of famous atheist Madeline Murray O'hair, had this to say of his mother: "My mother was an evil person... Not for removing prayer from America's schools... No, she was just evil." Her own child. And yet, we listened to this woman and allowed our privilege to pray be taken away. Though as one popular joke states, I'm sure that as long as there are final exams, prayer will remain in school.

I don't want to have to think twice about whether my son can wear a church camp shirt, a Christian band T-shirt, a Jesus is the Reason for the Season lapel pin, or carry his Bible with him. This ought not be. If you want to practice another religion, practice it. But leave me and my Christianity intact. You can take Him out of your songs, your decorations, and your programs, but you can't take Him out of our hearts. You can't squelch the true meaning of Christmas. It is forever abiding and agelessly enduring, and for all time will stand. (Redundancy added for emphasis!) Jesus Christ--the same yesterday, today, and forever. Bring back Merry Christmas!

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Cari Jean profile image

Cari Jean 5 years ago from Bismarck, ND

LOVE This! I must admit I have used the X to shorten Christmas in the past but in recent years since Christmas has faced fierce opposition I try to spell it all out. WE were just having this conversation at our Bible study that taking away Christmas is a form of psychological persecution against Christians. My daughter learns about Kwanza, Hanukkah and the traditional beliefs behind those holidays but when it comes to Christmas she learns about Santa Claus. Very frustrating but I try to incorporate Jesus as much as I can - for example we make Happy Birthday Jesus Cupcakes for Christmas and she passes them out at school. Its our own subtle way of keeping Christ in Christmas in the public education system. Anyway, thanks for a great hub! Voted up.

cgreen7090 profile image

cgreen7090 5 years ago from Tennessee Author

wonderful! Thanks for the visit Cari! I will have to do the cupcake thing as well.

DrJez profile image

DrJez 5 years ago from Narara NSW Australia

I too hate the shortened form of X mas. It feels like it's used for the media who think a christmas special will bring in ratings. Thanks for sharing.

Annette R. Smith profile image

Annette R. Smith 5 years ago from Orlando, Florida

Yes, this is a problem for me, too. And I don't think people use the "X" as a Greek shortcut, either! Whether it stems from respect for original Greek, lack of advertising copy space, or just plain laziness, replacing "Christmas" with "x-mas" still takes Christ out of the word. And what is Christmas without Christ? It will always be "Merry Christmas" in our home, too.

As for the separation of church and state, I believe the founders' intent was to keep the state from attacking what someone called the "twin towers" of our nation's foundation: religion and morality. It was meant to keep the state out of the church, not vice versa. How sad that our nation has flip-flopped the two.

This is a great hub, cgreen7090. Thanks for sharing it!

ThomasRydder 5 years ago

CG, you are absolutely spot-on, and a mighty "AMEN" too!! I'm not one to go out and shove religion down throats, but on the other hand, am thoroughly convinced that many of society's problems today are a result of seperation from church and family. This country was founded by folks who had a profound awareness and humility toward God, and fashioned their lives and futures around Him. The ones running this country now form their existence around guys like Jackson, Grant, and Franklin. The "X-mas" issue is merely a lessening of God in our lives. It so happens "Happy Holidays" is my chief peeve.

SJmorningsun25 5 years ago

Voted UP and AWESOME. It's ridiculous how "religious freedom" in America has twisted to mean freedom for everyone except Christians. Christmas is Christ's holiday, and Christians should take it back!

Oh, and Merry Christmas! :-)

5 years ago

Yes, I agree. Christmas is Christmas and there is so much political talk.

Angie Jardine profile image

Angie Jardine 5 years ago from Cornwall, land of the eternally youthful mind ...

Over the pond here in the UK, I am just as incensed as you, cgreen. Using X-mas is simply one more short cut for the idle. And I agree totally with SJmorningsun when she says religious freedom appears to be freedom for everyone except the Christians.

Now, I am not a religious person ... but I like to think that I am a spiritual person and religious freedom means just that, even for Christians. Christians founded the US and the teachings of Jesus Christ should be taught in every school because it is a good code to live by. (Notice I did not say 'The Bible' with its vengeful God).

Thank you for this hub and thank you for taking a stand.

Alexander Mark profile image

Alexander Mark 5 years ago from beautiful, rainy, green Portland, Oregon

I never knew the official excuse for putting an "X" down instead of Christ. When I was a lot younger, I found some old Christmas cards. One of them had that nasty X on there and I scratched it out and put Christ over it in ink.

You are so right, it seems that religious freedom today means the suppression of Christianity and the promotion of everything else. We are living in dangerous times where people can go to jail for spanking their kids, or be fired for expressing Christian beliefs - especially where it's needed most: in the schools.

And we wonder why crime and single parenting and violence has been on the rise. Oh well, condoms work just as well as the Bible.

angie ashbourne profile image

angie ashbourne 4 years ago

Hi! cgreen7090 MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011 Angie

Tonipet profile image

Tonipet 4 years ago from The City of Generals

I LOVED this Christmas hub. I'm with you in this campaign! I've so wished to do more every Christmas to share it's real meaning that I too have grown up with. In fact, I would like to share this wonderful song to tell the world how wonderful Christmas is when the real reason is JESUS. This so touched my heart and I'm sharing this wonderful song.

Merry Christmas to you cgreen and everyone! - Tonette

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