Jonas Brothers Birthday Party and Cakes

Jonas Brothers Party Ideas

My daughter loves the Jonas Brothers. Therefore, for her 8th birthday party, we decided on a Jonas Brothers theme. We had such a great time planning this birthday party! This hub will highlight all of our party ideas and supplies including party favors, birthday cake, games & activities, birthday apparel, partyware and much more. It will also feature many photos from my daughter's Jonas Brothers birthday party.

Invitations: The first item we decided on was the birthday invitations. I had come across Jonas Brothers VIP Pass style invites awhile ago and knew immediately those were the invitations we would use for the party. My daughter flipped when she saw them. They look just like real VIP passes and came customized with my daughter's name and all of her birthday party details. We also received authentic looking plastic cases and lanyards with the order. These badges are really awesome!

Jonas Brothers Partyware

Official Jonas Brothers Party Supplies now available for purchase!

At the time of my daughter's birthday party, there wasn't any licensed Jonas Brothers partyware on the market, however, we did have five partyware designs to choose from. These included the Camp Rock, Party Like a Rock Star, Rock Star, Hollywood and Girls Rock Diva. My daughter wanted a Jonas Brothers party, not a Camp Rock theme party (she was adament about that), so the Camp Rock supplies were quickly removed as option. She ended up selecting the Girls Rock Diva partyware because it was more girly and the colors were hot pink, purple and black.

Jonas Brothers Party Supplies

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Our Party Table & VIP Invites

Jonas Brothers Cake and Party Favors Table
Jonas Brothers Cake and Party Favors Table
Jonas Brothers VIP Pass Invites
Jonas Brothers VIP Pass Invites

Jonas Brothers Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

I made a round cake as well as cupcakes for my daughters birthday party. For the round cake, I added a Jonas Brothers image for the topper. My daughter found her favorite photo and I added on the text, "Happy 8th Birthday, Alysa!". I then had the photo laminated at my local Staples store. I attached a wooden skewer to the laminated image so I could put it into the cake. After the cake was iced, I decorated it with edible sugar roses, edible musical notes, and pink/purple/black sprinkles. I then finished the cake off with the Jonas Brothers photo topper.

For the cupcakes, I iced them, decorated with sprinkles and then added on pink heart rings. The cake board was coverd with a hot pink wrapping paper.

When it was time to sing Happy Birthday, I topped the cake with purple and pink heart candles.

I also served guitar shaped jello jigglers as a fun party snack. I made the jello jigglers using a guitar cookie cutter.

Party Games & Activities

Make a Guitar Craft:
We purchased cardboard guitars and the girls painted and colored their guitar and then decorated it with rhinestones and Jonas Brothers stickers & cutouts. (the cutouts were also included in the poster/clippings lot mentioned above). I punched two holes in each guitar and attached a cord. This way the girls could "play" their guitars and easily hang them up in their rooms after the party.

Jonas Brothers Jeopardy:
We made up 30 different questions about the Jonas Brothers and created a Jeopardy game on a large poster board. Click here for full details of this party game.

Jonas Brothers Karaoke:
We purchased two Jonas Brothers karaoke CD's and the girls had fun singing to their favorite Jonas Brothers songs.

Guitar PInata Activity:
We purchased a guitar shape pinata and decorated it with Jonas Brothers photos. We then accented the photos with glitter glue.

Jonas Brothers Poster Give-a-way:
We had a Poster Give-a-way. Each of the posters that we had hung around the room had a number written on the back. The girls drew numbers from a hat and were given the poster with that number on it.

Birthday Cake & Guitar Jell-O Jigglers

Jonas Brothers Cake & Cupake Tray
Jonas Brothers Cake & Cupake Tray
Jonas Brothers Cake & Cupcake Tray
Jonas Brothers Cake & Cupcake Tray
Jonas Brothers Party Guitar Jello Jigglers
Jonas Brothers Party Guitar Jello Jigglers

Table Centerpiece

Jonas Brothers Table Centerpiece
Jonas Brothers Table Centerpiece

Finished Guitar Craft

Jonas Brothers Guitar Party Craft
Jonas Brothers Guitar Party Craft

Party Decorations

I purchased a large lot of Jonas Brothers posters and clippings. Included in this lot were 9 full size (4 page) posters. I decorated the party room with the posters and at the end of the party had a Jonas Brothers Poster Give-A-Way. (see details below).

Birthday Banner:
I used the one page posters that came with the poster lot to create birthday banners. I punched two holes in each poster and strung it onto purple yarn. I placed a sheet of white paper behind each poster so that the words on the other side would not show through too much. I hung the banners up in the party room.

Table Centerpieces:
I made Jonas Brothers table centerpieces for my daughter's party. I purchased black animal print Chinese style take-out boxes. I was lucky to find these at my local Michaels store. I was actually planning to purchase solid black boxes, but when I saw the animal print ones, I knew they were perfect. They coordinated with the leopard print in the partyware.   Click here for step-by-step instructions and supplies to make a party table centerpiece.

I painted the styrofoam purple (since the take -out boxes were slightly see through) and then placed styrofoam in the box. I had a Jonas Brothers logo image laminated at my local Staples store. (thank you, Courtenay for use of the image.) I painted a wood skewer black. Once the paint was dry, I hot glued the laminated photo to it. I placed the skewer into the styrofoam and then arranged purple paper shred into the container. I finished the centerpiece off by tying a purple ribbon onto the skewer.

Note: There are custom Jonas Brothers take-out style boxes that would also would nicely with your centerpiece.

Jonas Brothers Pinata

Jonas Brothers Guitar Pinata
Jonas Brothers Guitar Pinata

Party Favors

Jonas Brothers Party Favor Bags
Jonas Brothers Party Favor Bags

Jonas Brothers Party Favors

For party favors, I purchased hot pink lunch style favor bags. The favor bag labels were made from a Jonas Brothers photo I downloaded off the Internet. Using a photo editing software, I included personalized birthday text on the label. Here is what was included in each favor bag:

Hershey nugget chocolates with personalized Jonas Brothers wrappers
Jonas Brothers bookmark
Jonas Brothers button
Jonas Brothers pencil
Large Jonas Brothers photo stickers
Girls Rock Diva rubber bracelet
Flashing Guitar necklace

Once the favor bags were filled and the label attached, I punched two holes along the top of the bag. I then tied on a purple ribbon.

Jonas Brothers Candy Wrapper Favors
Jonas Brothers Candy Wrapper Favors
Jonas Brothers Pencil Favors
Jonas Brothers Pencil Favors
Jonas Brothers Bookmark Party Favors
Jonas Brothers Bookmark Party Favors
Jonas Brothers Sticker Favors
Jonas Brothers Sticker Favors

Favor Buttons

Jonas Brothers Button Favors
Jonas Brothers Button Favors

Jonas Brothers Birthday Cake with Edible Cake Image

For my daughter's family party I made a birthday cake with a Jonas Brothers edible cake image. It was my first time using one of these images and I think it came out pretty good. There were a few small cracks, but overall it looked great. My daughter loved it! She chose Joe, my 11 year old daughter took Kevin and my 4 year old son picked Nick. (Nick is his favorite!).

My daugther in her Jonas Brothers birthday shirt and custom bottle cap necklace!

Jonas Brothers Birthday Shirt and Custom Bottle Cap Necklace
Jonas Brothers Birthday Shirt and Custom Bottle Cap Necklace

Jonas Brothers Cake

Party Table & Birthday Banners

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Jonas Brothers Party TableOur Jonas Brothers Birthday BannerAnother Jonas Brothers Birthday Banner
Jonas Brothers Party Table
Jonas Brothers Party Table
Our Jonas Brothers Birthday Banner
Our Jonas Brothers Birthday Banner
Another Jonas Brothers Birthday Banner
Another Jonas Brothers Birthday Banner

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Jonas Brothers Party Chat 52 comments

Robin Marie profile image

Robin Marie 7 years ago from USA

I love that guitar pinata!

cheyenne Ochoa 7 years ago

these are really good ideas! :)

i like the table decorations and jello guitars :)

hope i can use them :)

Natalia  7 years ago

These are all awesome ideas, we have been looking for something supercool, Thanks! Queens, NY

cavelle 7 years ago

great ideas i might try the ideas myself

brianna 7 years ago

wow im about to turn 10 my actual birthday is june 8 witch is today but my party is going to be and the 13 of june i cant wait.i am having a pool birthday party but i want a jonas brothers birthday cake.if you can give me a website that sells cakes like walmart or bilo some were in dearing agusta or thomson that would be great


Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

@Brianna:  My advice would be to order one of the edible cake images I have listed on this page and bring it to your local bakery or Walmart.  I am pretty certain they will apply it to the cake for you if you don't want to do it.  Your parents could call and find out ahead of time.  But, since your party is this  Sat., I am not sure if you will get the cake image in time.  If it is purchased tonight and shipped out first thing tomorrow, you may have it in time. Have your parents contact the eBay seller and see how fast they can ship it out for you.

Unfortunately, I don't think Walmart sells Jonas Brothers cakes so this would be your best option unless you want to make a cake like I did for my daughter and attach a laminated JB photo.  Hope this helps.  Have a great party! :)

Marisa 7 years ago

Everything you did was amazing! My sister is turning 6 next month and she's a big Jonas Brothers fan. But since there are no party supplies of the Jonas Brothers we don't know what we would do! Your party was amazing! I need insperation for my sister's birthday.

Laila 7 years ago

We are throwing a Jonas Brothers themed party for my 11 year old sister and couldn't find any themed material but your ideas are great and inspirational - plus affordable!

Great job, you daughter is lucky to have you as such a caring mother!

Thanks for all the great ideas!

Makayla 7 years ago

those are such great ideas!I'm going to use some i think!

Makayla  7 years ago

@Marisa: these are great ideas and you can use them too but here is actually Jonas Brother party supplies.You can find it @ :)

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

@Makayla: JB party supplies are listed on birthdaydirect as "coming soon". They are not yet available for purchase. The party supplier I use said they should be available sometime this month. As soon as they are in stock, I will post the link here. :)

Makayla 7 years ago

ok :)

Rosemarie 7 years ago

Thank you, great ideas. I'm using some of them for my daughters birthday. Can you tell me where you got the Guitar Cookie Cutters from and how many you used?

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

@Rosemarie: I purchased the guitar cookie cutter from Amazon (see link above). I used one cookie cutter to make all of the jello jigglers. Just follow the jello jiggler receipe I posted here: Hope this helps. Have a great Jonas Brothers party!

alyssa 7 years ago

that's so cool shes like the ultimant jonas bro fan

Cam 7 years ago

I wish I could have this party cause I am the Jonas "Ulitimate #1 Super Fan." It is true! I am turning 11 soon and would love to have this party.

savannah 7 years ago

oh my god i love that theme of the jonas brothers theme im a huge fan of them ilove them so much thanks for doing that theme and putting it on the internet oh and happy birhtday

Skye 7 years ago

im stealing ur idea:) just kiding but great ideas!!

profile image

ANNIE H 7 years ago

This is a great ideal. My daughter and I just went to the Jonas Brothers concert this pass Sunday Aug,23rd,we had a great time. My daughter will be 7 in October, and she wants her party in the JONAS BROTHERS. I was wondering where you got your "lot of Jonas Brothers posters and clippings" at? And also, the guitars that the girls made?

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

@Annie: I purchased the posters and clippings on Ebay. There is an Ebay link on this page that will take you to the auctions that carry these items. I purchased the cardboard guitars on Amazon. The link is on this page as well, however, it appears that this item is out of stock. I am not sure if/when they will be back in stock. Sorry!

bella 7 years ago

im turning 11 in jan. and im a HUGE jb fan. i want my party to be a jonas brothers party and your ideas are great. i wanted to know where you got your pinata at because i never seen a jb pinata. and please let me know any other great jonas brother birthday party ideas. thanks

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

@Bella: The pinata is a regular guitar pinata which I purchased on Amazon(there is a link on this page). We then printed out a JB logo and photo and glued it to the front of the pinata. Once it was glued, with added a fun border with silver glitter glue. Presto! A JB pinata! Hope this helps. Have a great party. :)

bella 7 years ago

sorry i had another question. your invitation were vip passes and all my friends did vip passes so i wanted to do my invitations different. i wanted to know if you had any suggetions on what i should do for my invites. can you help me?

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

How about a ticket style invitation? I also have another JB party page that may give you more ideas Take a look and let me know if you still have any questions.

ashlyn-07- 7 years ago


bella 7 years ago

i was wondering if you know how to make those jonas brother pencils?

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

@bella: Sorry, that I don't know.

Amanda Aarts 7 years ago


I love the Jonas Brothers party! Just an FYI! My husband is an EXACT Joe Jonas look alike. He gets girls almost everyday asking to take pics with him. It is pretty crazy! Anyways, we just got this idea for him to do birthday parties. We are still working out the details, but let me know what you think about that. I am not sure where you are located but we are in Southern CA, so if you know of anyone that would be interested let me know! I can send you pics too. I am not sure what we want to charge, but it is look at 100.00 for one hour and that would be to take pics and sign autographs!

Let me know what you think! LOVE that party!! So cute!


Kathy 7 years ago

WOW! what awesome soon to be 8 yr old daughter and i are so thankful to see your put your whole heart into that party...and we thank you for these great ideas!

Abigail  7 years ago

I Love Nick Jonas.. Im Turning 14 in a week and have No idea what to do.. its gonna be a mixed party!!

brittany 7 years ago

i going to be 16

Neshai.JONAS 7 years ago

you must had a great birhtday party i wish my party was like tht

Mariah 7 years ago

I would like ur husband to be at my party send me pictures on my facebook mariah jonas i live in joliet illnois 60436

Vani  7 years ago

I may be 14 but i would love to have a jonas brothers party like this!! I know that people may say that im too old for this, but I dont care this is awsoeme!!!

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 7 years ago from New York Author

@Vani: Don't worry about what others think. It is YOUR special day, so you should do what makes YOU happy. :)

chase smith 6 years ago

i want a jonas borther cakes

mariam elkattan 6 years ago


this is very cool ...........good idea

aisyah 6 years ago

happy birth jonas brother

issabella 6 years ago

jonas brothers good luck and happy day.

issabella 6 years ago

nick good lucky and you are handsome boy

issabella 6 years ago

jonas brother happy birthday to you all.i like you very soo much.

issabella 6 years ago

how are you today jonas brother?

marina 6 years ago

hi jonas

lipozaki 6 years ago

hi jonas brothers how are you doing i love you i love you i love you nick

jackie 6 years ago

ok so i have to say you saved my life my daughter is turning 7 and she lovesss jonas brothers i had no idea what to do but with your help i can see many things i can use in her bday party too thnakyou soo much it looks verry beautifull and creative .... thankyou once again the molina fam

Janet21 profile image

Janet21 6 years ago from New York Author

@Jackie: Glad I could help. Hope you daughter has a wonderful birthday party! :)

Faith 6 years ago

I love that! I want to use that theme for my birthday!!!!!

kristinAALTAMURA 6 years ago


britney 6 years ago


wendy 6 years ago


anka@ serbia 5 years ago

happy birthdays jonas and j love you

Lilly 5 years ago

That looks absolutely amazing and I bet you guys had LOTS of FUN! You inspired me:) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

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