Last Minute Gifts That Don't Require Shipping


As I write this, it is Christmas Eve, at 8:23 in the morning. If I leave my home today, I can face two kinds of traffic-- holiday revelers heading out to family home to wake up Christmas morning in a place that feels like "tradition." And panicked shoppers (many of whom, sadly, are men) who are frantically dashing to the shops hoping there's anything left for them to get their spouses, children, friends, siblings, and parents.

I am not a big fan of holiday shopping panic. I end up feeling really awful, and I spend more than I intend to when I go out and try to pick up last-minute gifts. So, I present here a list of gifts that you can decide to give the day before a holiday, birthday, or anniversary, and not end up in the hospital.

Also check out my blog post on low-impact presents for some useful advice if you're late shopping because of you just don't know what to get the person who has everything. Gift Cards Gift Cards

You can't actually buy low-dollar gift cards in stores these days, but you can get a gift card delivered by email to your recipient. Hint: If your recipient owns an Amazon Kindle, this is the only way to give them a Kindle ebook gift.

Maxim [Print + Kindle]
Maxim [Print + Kindle]

Perfect for the hard-to-shop-for man in your life (or any teenaged boy)... and on sale for $5.


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