Last Minute Halloween Costume and Decoration Ideas

A bit pressed for time, and money?

I know a lot of people who like to put off decorating, and getting their Halloween costume ready till the very last minute. Yet, when they finally make it to the store to look for something they might like they end up finding empty racks, and nothing much to choose from. Some people will often give up on the idea of dressing up and going out to have a good time, or simply slap on one or two accessories and call it a costume. Same goes for decorations. Around this time of the month all the good decorations are usually sold out, and all that is left is the stuff that's over priced. With a bit of craftiness, and some imagination it's not hard to come up with some of your own ideas for decorations, and costumes. So here's a hub to help inspire that Halloween muse with a few ideas of my own.

Costumes you might have hidden in your closet.

Taking a look through my own closet I found a few different ideas that I could come up with at the very last minute if I needed to, and you might happen to find these things in your own closet if you take a good look.

Goth - Anything black. Black pants, black skirt, black tights, black shirt, black jacket, black boots, black jewelry, and to top it off loads of black makeup. For guys I'd suggest wearing tight black pants with big black boots that you can tuck your pants into. A fit black shirt with some gloves that you chop the fingers off of, black eyeliner, black nail polish, and wear tons of gel in your hair. For girls I'd suggest some black tights, fishnet if you have some, a black skirt, mid-calf black boots, a tight black shirt with a black corset over top, tons of jewelry, very dark makeup, black lipstick, and black nail polish.

Ghoul - Simple enough you can wear almost anything you want. Preferably something tacky, and just paint your face white with bluish lips plus a bit of dark grey above and below the eyes. For guys I'd suggest wearing a suit. Doesn't matter in the color but the darker the suit the more likely you'll get makeup showing on it. For girls I'd suggest wearing an evening dress with sleeves.

School girl/boy - This one is also very simple. For guys I'd suggest wearing a white button up shirt, a blazer, black pants, shiny shoes, a tie, and a ball cap that you wear with the front tilted to the side like a teenager. For girls simply where a white button up shirt, plaid skirt, white knee high socks, sunday shoes, a blazer, and a tie.

Easy Masquerade - Everyone loves a mystery, and some of the best costumes I've seen have been masquerade. For guys the only thing you might want to pick up from a store is a cape, and a mask. If the mask sucks but you like the shape then buy some black paint, and quickly paint over it. Wear a suit and bow tie or regular tie, but a bow tie is much better. Black gloves, black boots, and big flashy necklace, and style your hair. Maybe use some black eyeliner to highlight your eyes under the mask. For girls wear a long formal gown, a shawl, elbow length gloves, put your hair in an up do, buy a mask, wear lots of makeup, and jewelry.

Pimp and Working Girl - I've seen a lot of people think of big and flashy when they chose these costumes, but honestly you can keep it rather simple and still look good. For guys I'd suggest wearing a suit with a tie, a fur coat, a bit of bling, and If you want to decorate the costume further then all you need to buy is a mobster hat. For girls I'd suggest a tight Knee length dress, dark stockings, big heels, a simple necklace, big earring hoops, bangles, and a jean jacket. Do your makeup up dark, and mess your hair up a bit like you just got out of bed. (These costumes are good for adult couples, but not for any events around children, and I wouldn't suggest trying them solo. )

Decorations ideas using materials in your house.

I decided that this year I wasn't going to spend a dime on decorating my place, but still came up with some crafty ideas for being able to make it look interesting, and here's what I came up with...

Streamers - Cut up some garbage bags into long thin strips, and tie the ends together to make long streamers. When you hang them up try twisting them like a spiral around posts, or in "W" shapes along the edge of a wall.

Newspaper Decor - Crumple up some newspaper into a bunch of balls, tear some up, and lay it all out next to a garbage can. Splatter some ketchup on them to make it look scary.

Origami - Check out some neat origami ideas for decorating your place with different creatures, and spooks that you can make out of paper. They look great in windows.

Ripped Fabrics - Use old cloths, and bed sheets as chair covers or table covers after tearing them up a bit. You can even line your windows with these torn fabrics to make them look more spooky.

Fallen leaves - Rake the leaves up onto you doorstep so the ground is covered in them. Along pathways, and in small piles.

Body in the Garbage - Find a long stick, put a shoe on the end of it, and rest it inside of a garbage can with the shoe hanging out. fill the can with leaves to make it look like someone is stuffed in there. Make it even more spooky by splattering ketchup on the garbage can, and lay a glove stuffed with leaves on the ground next to it.

Printable Pictures - Search online for some great printable decorations that you can post or hang on strings around the walls to make it more fun.This is a great way to fill empty spaces in the room.

Lamp Decor - If you got an outdoor lamp you can try to make some sort of a paper lantern to fit over it, and set the lighting a bit darker. Try orange or purple paper, and maybe draw something on it like a Jack o'lantern face.

Books - If you have some old dusty books they're good for setting up outside on the porch, or even on a shelf indoors, and the dustier they look, the better. Try sprinkling some dry dirt on them. If your not afraid of wrecking them then tear a few pages out to lay around the books.

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