Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

A little farmer---a cute and easy Halloween costume.
A little farmer---a cute and easy Halloween costume.

It happens to everyone at least once: the "perfect" Halloween costume gets torn or otherwise destroyed right before the big day, or it isn't found at all, and procrastination has led you and your child to a costume-less state of being. Don't worry! There are several good options for Halloween costumes that you and your child can make together in no time and with very little money. This article will give you a few ideas, as well as links to sites that contain even more great costumes to make. And here's a bonus: your children will love the fact that they helped make their own costume. It may just become your Halloween tradition!

Last-Minute Costume #1: A Baby

This is a really easy idea, and it's cute, too. All you need are a pair of blanket sleepers (you know, the one-piece pjs with feet) and a few well-chosen baby accessories. For example, putting your child in the blanket sleepers, and then adding a cute bib, a pacifier tied on a string around his or her neck, and maybe a bottle or blankie to carry as an accessory to finish off the costume. The older the child is, the more laughs they will get!

Last-Minute Costume #2: Static Cling

One of my friends did this in middle school, and everyone just loved it. Get a pair of sweats, any color your child wants. Then, use small safety pins to pin items like socks, handkerchiefs, washcloths, or tights to the sweats. Instant static cling! You can also pin a couple of dryer sheets to the sweats to complete the look. The more mismatched and clashing the colors of the items are, the better it will look.

Last-Minute Costume #3: Farmer

You might not have these items on hand, but they can be found easily at Target or Walmart. You'll need: a pair of denim overalls, a plaid shirt, a straw hat, and maybe a bandana to tie around your child's neck. Finish the costume off with a stainless steel bucket that can double as a trick-or-treat bucket, or maybe a tiny stuffed animal chick to put in the overall pocket. As an alternate, they can be a scarecrow if you choose to get some hay or straw to stick into the wrists of the shirt and maybe in the oveall pockets. If you go with this option, see if you can find a plush bird to pin to your child's shoulder. Too cute!

So, there are a few ideas to get you started. Check out the links below for more great ideas. And, Happy Halloween!

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Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 8 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas

The farmer idea is super cute! Thanks.

C.M. Vanderlinden profile image

C.M. Vanderlinden 8 years ago from Metro Detroit Author

Thanks, Lela! I've been enjoying all of your Halloween hubs!

Princessa profile image

Princessa 8 years ago from France

Great ideas, I can use some of them for our next Carnaval party!

Elizabeth 5 years ago

Nice ideas but wish there were more. I am 12 and too big for these ideas.

Nadine7123 5 years ago

Well, I need some middle skool halloween costumes!! its comin soon...

Ross Weale 5 years ago

Hi Colleen,

First, thank you very much for linking to on this page! However, I noticed that the link to "Martha Stewart: 7 Grocery Getups" is broken, and wanted to share the correct URL with you. It's


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