Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas

You Forgot What Day It Was

You forgot that tomorrow was mothers day, and you don't have time to go out and buy anything. The stores are closing and you always take a while to make up your mind. Here are a few ideas that can get help you stay in the good books.

Acrylic painting, Waterfall in autumn, Prabhakara Jimmy
Acrylic painting, Waterfall in autumn, Prabhakara Jimmy

Small Painting

A small painting is easy to do, quick to finish and always adds that personal touch to the gift. You don't have to be the best painter, and you certainly don't need to have much experience. A simple dash of colour to create an abstract piece will work fine. All you need to get is a small canvas, some brushes and some paints to get yourself started. All these are available from craft shops.


It may seem cheesy, but making your own mother jewellery is both fun and rewarding. She will love it more because it come from you, and not some high end fashion jewellery store. It is also inexpensive, and all you need is some beads and wire and clips. Some craft stores even sell necklace/bracelet/earring making packages that come with all you need!

Write A Poem

Write your mother a lovely poem. Make it about her. Make her feel special. It doesn't have to rhyme. Tell her how beautiful she is. Exclaim how much you love her. Poetry is a very expressive way of writing. You could even place the poetry over a photograph and place it in a frame. Read it to her, make a video to go with it, or even just a collage.

Make A Video Or Collage

Another great last minute gift to give mum is to make her a video or collage. Use as many family photos as you want, rip out quotes from magazines, and add some of your own imagination and creativity. For example, you may draw flowers around the outside of the collage, or add her favorite song to the video. Don't forget to write "I love you" in the corner somewhere!

Stretched Canvas

This last gift is a very simple idea and does not take long to make (but it may take a little bit of time the first time). All you need it a blank canvas and a cloth with her favorite pattern or picture. Wrap the cloth tightly around the canvas and staple the corners of the cloth to the back of the frame. All done!


That is all for the last minute gift ideas for mothers day! If anyone has any other suggestions, please leave a comment below!

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