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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
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I have never seen Martin Luther King Jr. but I have heard of him. And what I've heard and know of him is very inspirational. He is a towering figure in America's 20th century history and certainly when it comes to the Civil Rights movement. I knew of him because on Martin Luther King's Day I heard his speech, I Have a Dream, and I struggled not to cry in class. I was in second grade and we had just had a lesson about him. Even then I found his speech very moving and I was upset that someone had killed him. Who, I thought, would kill such a good man like that? I don't know what it's like to be despised for being black and I don't want future children of any color to feel despised either.

As I grew older I realized that Mr. King was not perfect but I also realized what a great person he was. You would have to be in order to withstand the kind of tumult, passion, and hatred that occurred during that time and still lead, inspire, and keep the movement together so that it resulted in the passing of the Civil Rights amendment. I was glad that there were also people who were able to pick up the flame after his assasination and that these people came from all ethnicities. We live today enjoying the fruits of brave people's labors and we take it for granted. I have had friends from all backgrounds and never realized what an achievement it was that my generation could do that. I am glad that there is a Martin Luther King's Day so that I am able to remember Mr. King and all the people who died and suffered so that Americans can live together. Our society is by no means perfect and there are many naysayers who delight in pointing out how imperfect American society is, but I still think America is a great country and I'm glad to be an American, and I have no doubt about it because of past leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. So, on his day, give a thought and marvel at how far we have come and see what you can do to make our society better.

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