Let's Keep it Real for Christmas

It's Christmas and I just want everyone to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! And that is what every Christian must remember, this holy day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ with Christ's mass. Many families, especially this year more than past years have suffered a financial crisis or natural disaster. Many families contemplate how they can celebrate this merry holiday with few material things. Parents are worried about how to afford presents for their children and a special Christmas meal.

Let's put things in perspective. Forget Santa Claus. Yeah the stores are all about Santa Claus, and it's easy to see why. Santa has been responsible for emptying the purses and wallets of Moms and Dads every December because kids have been brought up to expect a lot of presents from Santa Claus. Don't ever delay paying the rent or mortgage or utilities so that you can buy presents. Most kids don't even know why Santa brings presents, they just know he gives them out. For a lot of families, this occasion has been a secular holiday celebrating gluttony. Let's get back to the heart and true meaning of Christmas. Parents, spend some time with your kids and tell the miracle of the birth of Jesus. Explain how the wise men from the East found the Christ child and the meaning of their gifts and the bittersweet meaning of the child being king, god, and sacrifice. It is a poignant story and the kids will understand how the custom of gift-giving started and that it comes from love and faith.

Everyone enjoys getting a gift for Christmas but the gifts don't need to be extravagant as much as they could be meaningful. Have each child write down one thing that they want and need and that's what they'll get. Really young children might not understand, but you know what, really young children will be happy with anything. Who doesn't remember toddlers being more fascinated by a big box than the present which was inside? Older children will understand and will learn a valuable lesson about the true meaning of Christmas. To really put it in perspective for children, volunteer at the local soup kitchen so that they understand that there are people even less fortunate. And when it comes to giving, give and accept with appreciation because the gifts were made or bought with that special person in mind.

Enjoy the things that you do have, whether that's good health, enjoying the company of loved ones, a special meal or having a roof over your heads to keep you warm and safe.

Have a very, merry Christmas!

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

I can support this message all the way. Merry Christmas to you as well.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 3 years ago from The East Coast Author

Thanks for visiting billybuc. I think celebrating the true message of Christmas goes so well with living simply.

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