Lifestyle Tropical Domincan Republic Holiday Review

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Me and my girlfriend have just recently come back from the Domican Republic.  We stayed at a resort called The Lifestyle Tropical Beach & Spa Resort, based in the North East of Dominican.

I will share with you our views of the holiday.

The Hotel & Rooms - The hotel is lovely, and the rooms are also excellent. We had issues with the maid service as they forgot our towels on occasions on a couple of occasions and didn't change our bed sheets for 10 days. Also did not refill our mini bar. However - in fairness other people didn't seem to have as much trouble with them as we did. The rooms were lovely though with a nice balcony.

The Pools - The pools were pretty good. Cleaned daily and well looked after. There was never any glass or anything sharp in the pool, or in the surroundings of the pool. Partly this is because you have plastic cups to drink from outside.

The Beach - This was a little dissapointing. We were hopeing for clear blue sea and white sand; that it is not.  The beach is OK. Its not the typical white sand of the carribean because you are still on the atlantic coast, but it is still nice sand. The water is not see through blue, and you couldn't do snorkeling in the water. The sea also seemed to be quite ruff.

The Restuarants - There were plenty of restaurants to eat in. You had the main diner which was a buffet every night. The food was served 24/7 from somewhere in the resort. The food was OK there. Not a lot to eat for vegetarians who do not eat fish, but if you are not a fussy eater then you would probably really enjoy the food. The top dish of the week for me, was the lobster.  There are also 4 A'la'Cartes to eat at In order of preference 1) mexican  2) Indonesian  3) Blue Lagoon  4) Italian.

The tables were always set out beautifully and it was very clean and nice to eat at all of the restaurants. However, beware..... Everybody we spoke to on this holiday had really bad stomaches, and suffered from sickness and diarohea. We met lots of couples and did not meet a single person who hadn't suffered from it.  Usually this is to be expected for a short time on any holiday but it really was the whole 2 weeks in our case.

The bars - They are a little bit limited. Just one bar in the day for the pools, and sometimes you had wait a little longer than you want to, but not too bad daytime.  In the evening you have the same poolbar open and then 1 bar by the reception. It is very limited, with very little seats in both, so go to dinner early so you can get a seat at the bars!

Entertainment - We wasn't too impressed, but if you like dancing and music and you will probably enjoy the shows. They are at the ampitheatre and they are OK. There was 1 evening where they had a barbecue around the pools and a show called CASCADE; we really enjoyed that one.   The entertainment wasn't really our thing, but it was better than other places we have been in the past.



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