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Do you remember when fiber optics first became popular? I sure do! I can remember walking through the shopping mall and seeing fiber optic flowers everywhere. I was amazed by them. They were so pretty and shimmery. How did they change colors like that? And how many chores was I going to have to do around the house in order to get enough allowance money to buy my own fiber optic flower?

Now fiber optics are everywhere! They're even used in communication such as television, cell phones, and satellites. These little light-up tubes aren't just for looks anymore. And because fiber optic technology is so widespread now, it means it's very affordable for every day people like you and me. We can have a whole museum of fiber optic flowers in our homes if we want to!

Although I certainly don't have a museum of fiber optic decorations in my home, I do have some solar powered garden decorations. And I have to tell you, when I get a chance to sit outside at night and watch them light up in the dark and change from one color to another, I'm still pretty amazed by this technology.

Fiber optics can now be found not only in decorative items and communication cables, but also in things such as artificial Christmas trees, computers, and even clothing! Yes, you heard that right--clothing. You could actually purchase a light-up shirt, which changes colors, if you wanted to.

And speaking of, this brings me to my point--fiber optic costumes! Not only are is the only way to describe them, but fiber optic costumes also add an extra level of safety you probably wouldn't even consider.

Most kids go trick or treating at dusk or in the dark. If your child has a costume that lights up, not only are you going to be able to keep a better eye on them, but so can everyone else. It's hard to lose sight of a child who lights-up, ya know?

So, in this Hub, I'll share with you some of the most popular fiber optic child costumes for the coming Halloween season. I'll also provide some links to more costumes and further information about fiber optics. But first, let's take a look at what exactly fiber optics really are...

Let me see if I can explain this in layman's terms--because to go any deeper into it would not only confuse you, but me as well!

Optic fibers are very thin, flexible tubes made of silica, which is a type of glass. The fibers themselves are about as thick as a human hair--pretty thin, huh? Down the tube of this fiber travels light. The silica contains all this light, not allowing it to escape, until it reaches the end of the tube. That makes sense, right?

As an analogy, if you took a wrapping paper roll and fitted a flashlight to one end, maybe duct taping it so that the head of the flashlight is fully enclosed by the circumference of the roll, turned out the lights, and turned on the flashlight, the only place any light would be comign out of the roll is at the opposite end, the open end.

Optic fibers attain the same goal. Except in their case, they are much more flexible and much, much smaller, which makes them very handy in all sorts of technology.

Without going into more of the science and technology behind it all, I think it's safe to assume you all have a good grasp on the mystery behind fiber options. Now, let's look at some different fiber optic costumes your kids (or you!) can wear this coming Halloween!

Green Lantern Light-Up Costume
Green Lantern Light-Up Costume
Light-Up Coral Fairy Costume
Light-Up Coral Fairy Costume
Twinkle Witch Costume
Twinkle Witch Costume
Iron Man Light-Up Costume
Iron Man Light-Up Costume
Gothic Bride Light-Up Costume
Gothic Bride Light-Up Costume
Light-Up Vampire Costume
Light-Up Vampire Costume

I always say, there's no reason that the kids should have all the fun! And lucky for us "grown-ups", light-up costume manufacturers feel the same way. There are plenty of adult fiber optic costumes available. You can even purchase light-up wigs! Here are just a few links to...ahem...light your way:

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  • A Wicked Witch
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  • A Super Hero
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Whoever you and your kids decide to dress as this Halloween, be sure to add some flare to your costume by choosing a fiber optic option. Light-up costumes are so much fun, reasonably priced, have an added safety feature, and you're guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!

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marymfrederick profile image

marymfrederick 4 years ago from Michigan, United States

It's such a timeless idea that seems to come back every so often. This is sure to be a hit this year and I love the way that you covered this!

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