Lowell,Ma. Folk Festival

Folk Festival

This weekend was the first time I went to the Lowell Folk Festival in Lowell,Ma. I had gone to other festivals when I lived in Fl but I learned this is the largest free folk festival in the United States. There was all kinds of different music,foods,art cultures. I watched a guy sit on the ground chiseling a totem statue. It was really amazing to watch him do that because it takes alot of patience and know how. I know i would never be able to do something like that.I really loved the different music they had. Sierra Hull and Highway 111 was there playing Blue Grass and she's only 17 years old and started her own Blue Grass Festival in 2002 and has been going strong since. Her website is www.sierrahull.com. The weather was great also only rained for 15-20 minutes at the next to last concert Sunday night but when the rained passed the concert continued. I seriously suggest if anyone is looking for something to do the last weekend of July you should come check this event out. For more information on this go to www.massvacations.com and check out Lowell Folk Festival.


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