Madagascar Party Theme

Madagascar Party Theme

Theme party for a child always raises doubts in deciding what the best cartoon or superhero for decoration. One excellent option is to bet on the animals that star in the feature film adventure and comedy Madagascar, made in computer graphics.

The film tells the story of four animals to leave the comfort of living in the New York Zoo to wind up on the island of Madagascar in Africa and living a greatest adventure there.

Madagascar had its first venture launched in 2005, the success of the characters Gloria the hippopotamus, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, and Melman the hypochondriac giraffe, was so great that soon the film had its second adventure that follows the previously lived.

There isn't one child who did not know the story told in Madagascar. The parties there are decorated with this gang are very beautiful and very entertaining.

In the decoration of the environment can bet on wallpapers with pictures of characters or roles containing African settings, puppets of the characters can also be spread over several places of the environment with greater charm to the decor.

In stores specializing in items for the party you can find plates, glasses and hats with pictures of cartoon characters.

To serve the guests bet on recipesĀ  made from fruit, they refer the idea of Africa featured in the movie.

Many games can also be developed from the song Madagascar, the traditional game of putting the tail on the donkey, for example, can earn a different aspect when it replaces the ass by zebra Marty.

At the end of the party to distribute sweets in bags or boxes custom printed with the characters, they can also be found in stores specializing in items for the party and sometimes on paper. Be creative, innovate and use beautiful images, your party is sure to rock.

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